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It is already acknowledged that consuming magic mushrooms orally maximizes your uptake. So fewer feel compelled to try to smoke shrooms as a form of intake.

Smoking shrooms often incorporate other substances into the mixture, like tobacco, or weed. Additional substances carry their own side effects. This could mean the difference between a good or bad trip. You can smoke magic mushrooms, but a better question would be, should you?

Some experimentation is a good thing. Smoking may result in another kind of experience, but there has been a lot of studies done on the body’s interaction with magic mushrooms resulting from Ingestion. Here we break down the pros and cons and weigh the benefits and drawbacks between smoking and eating psilocybin mushrooms.

The Point of Combustion

The challenge a smoker of magic mushrooms faces is that psilocybin has a very low combustion point of 180 degrees Celsius. Joints and cigarettes burn at 500 to 900 degrees Celsius. So, the very process of smoking magic mushrooms destroys the compound that makes you high. There are still those that maintain that smoking mushrooms along with consuming them improves the trip and makes them more effective.

Some Positive Effects of Smoking Shrooms

There is little research but plenty of claims of euphoria and intense epiphany. Smoking is said to induce a more temporal version of the trip compared to ingestion. This can result in profound feelings of appreciation for the sights and sounds of nature, and enhancement of mood with feelings of happiness, uplifting of the senses, and increased creativity.

There are claims of a better, clearer high than weed. There seems to be less tripping and more mental clarity.

Still, others claim that, although they did experience psychoactivity, smoking mushrooms was a mild high when compared with eating the mushrooms. The effect was perceived as more of a placebo than an actual psychedelic experience.

Can my Health Go Up in Smoke?

The debate rages as to the dangers that can result from smoking mushrooms. This can wreak some serious havoc on your body, because of stray spores ending up in your lungs. Specifically, aspergillosis is a respiratory infection caused by fungus. This condition can lead to blood vessel damage and severe illness. Other symptoms of aspergillosis include wheezing, skin lesions, headaches, fatigue, and shortness of breath. Antibiotics and surgery are used to treat this condition.

So, the current conclusion is that smoking mushrooms isn’t worth the health risk. When you think of the risk to your respiratory health and the fact that you’re more than not, burning up the active ingredient in mushrooms anyway, there is no rationale.

Eating vs Smoking

In reality, there is very little evidence to advocate smoking instead of eating magic mushrooms. We do know that the combustion process removes the ability for psilocybin to provide a psychoactive trip. So, the consumption of magic mushrooms through ingestion is still the best way to trip.

In addition, given the disparity of effect, a user may be more inclined to combine other substances which can result in a bad trip experience. Mushrooms, when smoked by themselves, provide little or no effect and produce little or no benefit.

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