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    Super Magic Mushroom Bro’s – Space Cowboy CREATIVITY- 400MG Capsules

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Windsor Buys Shrooms from Zoomies Canada

Windsor Ontario is right across the Detroit River from the U.S. city of Detroit. Like many Canadian cities, Windsor is a balance of natural beauty, interesting history, and a clean urban environment. Windsor’s excitement is still experienced in the form of fireworks, and its Caesars Windsor casino gaming resort.

One thing you shouldn’t gamble on is where you get your psilocybin mushrooms. Buy Windsor magic mushrooms. Here, you have easy access to the Zoomies Canada online dispensary, a psychedelic retailer providing magic mushrooms online.

We deliver high-quality shrooms right to your door in Windsor, and across Canada. View our selection of products on this shrooms online dispensary. You’ll find ways to get a discount, and we have free shipping for orders over $149!

A Full Zoomies Canada Assortment for Windsor

You can select from our wide assortment of plant-based psychedelics, from dried shrooms, edibles, tinctures, and microdoses, to our DMT vapes.

Dried Shrooms: Try the Zoomies Canada assortment of dried magic mushrooms. Our dried shrooms are carefully cultivated for consistent quality. They include Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana, a slightly gentler hallucinogenic, Amazonian Cubensis, an authentic and clean effect, Psilocybe Semilanceata, potent and always available, panaeeolus cyanescens (blue meanies) and psilocybe cubensis (golden teachers).

Microdose: Our microdoses are perfectly measured and clearly identified on the package, to help you identify your perfect microdose of psilocybin. We want to make sure that you can get all the health benefits of psilocybin without the hallucinogenic effects. Microdose in Windsor.

Edibles: All our edibles are carefully measured for complete accuracy, from gummies, and chocolates, to capsules.

Tinctures: Zoomies Canada tinctures are 30ml per bottle and contain 27.5 mg of psilocybin. You can choose from flavours like grape, orange, and fruit punch.

DMT Vapes: DMT (or N, N-Dimethyltryptamine) is a naturally occurring tryptamine drug, found in many plants and animals. You can experience DMT through our DMT vapes.

We have a useful users guide where you can learn how to use psilocybin safely and with predictable results: We want to help you with our experience.

Zoomies Canada Delivers to All Provinces

Our deliveries are confidential, reliable, completely safe, and shipped right to your door. Zoomies delivers to Yukon, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Nunavut, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, and here in Nova Scotia.

Zoomies Canada Gives You So Much More

Buy magic mushrooms online. Here at the Zoomies Canada website, we provide consistently high-quality psilocybin products plus expert information. Read our popular guides and posts. We want your experience to be a pleasant one. Register and order today.

  • New!

    Super Magic Mushroom Bro’s – King of the Jungle MOOD – 400MG Capsules

  • New!

    Super Magic Mushroom Bro’s – Space Cowboy CREATIVITY- 400MG Capsules

  • New!

    Super Magic Mushroom Bro’s – Amazonian Wild RELAX – 400MG Capsules

  • New!

    Super Magic Mushroom Bro’s – Asian Sensation FOCUS – 400MG Capsules

  • Ground Sounds – Penis Envy Gummy (2x1g)

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    Zenly – Microdose LSD Gel Tabs – 200ug (10ugx20)

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    Zenly – LSD Gel Tabs – 600ug (100ug per tab)

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    Zenly – LSD Gummies – Sour Zen Berry – 200ug (100ug per gummy)

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Zoomies is Everywhere in Canada

Zoomies delivers to all Canadian provinces– From YukonBritish ColumbiaNorthwest TerritoriesAlbertaSaskatchewanNunavut, and Manitoba, to Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, New BrunswickPrince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia.

Zoomies Has Everything You Need to Know

Zoomies doesn’t just have magic mushrooms for sale. We are your information source. Our psilocybin microdosing user guide not only describes the specifics of microdosing, it also gives you a deeper dive into how psilocybin works with your brain function, different ways to prepare them, various ways of consuming them, and even a helpful and useful dosing schedule. Zoomies wants you to enter this world with both eyes open.

We feel that the more you know, the more you’ll enjoy your experience. Once you realize that effects vary from batch to batch or from strain to strain, how to consume them, how much you should consume, how to determine your tolerance level, or how extensive you want the effects to be, you’ll have a better experience.

Psilocybin is a mind-altering substance. Consuming too much can be a rather unnerving experience, causing dizziness, nausea, high blood pressure, confusion, anxiety, panic, or paranoia. Our information will guide you to a responsible and careful experience. Realize what your body can handle. We will take every measure to help on your journey.

Buy Mushrooms Online from Zoomies in Canada

For the highest quality magic mushrooms in Canada, choose Zoomies, the most extensively researched shrooms available. From fresh and dried mushrooms, spore prints, and spawn bags, to grow kits, we provide shipment directly to your door. For purchases of $149 or more, shipping is free.