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Buy Magic Mushroom Toronto

Recognized as Canada’s most populous city and the fourth largest in North America, Toronto sits on the northern shore at the western tip of Lake Ontario.

During the winter, temperatures can plummet to sub-zero levels, coupled with occasional precipitation that may disrupt daily activities and travel plans. In such instances, individuals can seize the opportunity to connect virtually by visiting Zoomies Canada’s website.

Residents can buy shrooms Toronto from us, a reliable source for mail-order mushrooms. You can experience consistently safe, easy, secure, and reliable access to shrooms.

Toronto Magic Mushroom Dispensary Products

Our online Toronto magic mushroom dispensary provides a diverse selection of psychedelic products. Look no further, as a diverse range of mushroom-based products, LSD, and DMT await your discovery right here.

In accordance with Health Canada guidelines, mushrooms encapsulate the active compounds known as psilocybin and psilocin. These bioactive constituents fall within the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

Shrooms possess the intriguing ability to induce hallucinogenic effects. Beyond their psychotropic properties, emerging research indicates a spectrum of promising benefits associated with their consumption.

LSD stands as a formidable hallucinogenic substance renowned for its potent psychoactive effects. Derived from a compound naturally occurring in a fungus thriving on rye and various grains.

The profound influence of LSD extends beyond the immediate experience on both cerebral functions and emotional equilibrium.

DMT stands out as a rapid-acting psychedelic substance renowned for inducing a transient yet entirely immersive hallucinogenic encounter.

The duration of the effects wrought by pure DMT hinges on the dosage, ranging from 5 to 20 minutes.

Popular Products from Online Magic Mushroom Stores

Dried magic mushrooms

For many, the experience of consuming dried magic mushrooms is not to be missed. For those adventurous psychonauts, we have a diverse offering. For others, chewing a dried mushroom is, well, challenging. They might prefer grinding them up and sprinkling them over their favourite pasta. Since dried mushrooms are organic, potency can vary somewhat between strains and between batches.

Most popular shrooms:

  • Golden Teacher: A beginner-friendly mushroom strain that contains an average amount of psilocybin.
  • Blue Meanies: It is well-known for its impressive appearance and clear and colourful visuals.
  • Penis Envy Cubensis: A potent Psilocybe cubensis strain with a unique appearance.


Our edibles contain psilocybin, so they are not for extensive munching, even though they are tasty. Our candies and chocolates provide a precise dose of magic mushrooms so that you can carefully monitor your intake.

  • Wonder – Psilocybin Chocolate Bar: Indulge in the multiple flavours of this chocolate bar and adjust your dosage by following the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  • Bright Future – Nootropic Gummies: High-quality gummies containing 300mg each with interesting flavours you can indulge in (Mojito and Raspberry Daquiri).
  • Euphoria Psychedelics – Hazelnut Bites: Indulge in the exquisite experience of Euphoria Bites, reminiscent of savouring Nutella but elevated with a delightful twist.


Inhaling DMT through vaporization yields a potent and transitory experience, with the entire journey unfolding within 20 to 30 minutes. Vape formulations offer convenient consumption in diverse dosages and an array of flavours.

  • Dream Machine – Vape Cartridge: It contains 1 gram N, N-Dimethylethylamine within a glass tank and ceramic tip.
  • Lucid Supply Co. – 5-MeO DMT Vaporizer: 5-MeO-DMT stands out as the preeminent psychedelic, renowned for its remarkable potency and rapid onset.


Sublingual administration of psilocybin and other psychedelics through tinctures provides a precise, rapid, and discreet method of ingestion.

  • Osmosis – Micro Light LSD – LSD Drops: This LSD solution offers unparalleled flexibility for users to engage in either macrodosing or microdosing experiences.


For a sub-hallucinogenic benefit, microdosing is the option for you. Microdosing delivers benefits like increased productivity, focus, creativity, and an elevated mood without the trip. Maintain rigorous adherence to both the specified dose size and schedule to ensure precise and consistent administration.

  • Kind Stranger – Microdose Capsules: Thoughtfully curated to elevate your mood and evoke a sense of overall well-being.
  • Neuro Botanicals – Energy: Elevate your competitive advantage organically with this Energy Blend. Meticulously formulated, this blend incorporates research-backed quantities of Cordyceps, Panax Ginseng, Ginger, and Golden Teacher mushrooms.
  • Euphoria Psychedelics – Micro Calm Capsules: These carefully crafted microdosing capsules cater to those new to the experience. It contains 20 capsules in a bottle, with 100mg psilocybin mushrooms each.

The Benefits of Buying from Magic Mushroom Shops Online

Online retailers specializing in psychedelic fungi facilitate convenient access to psilocybin and various related products derived from magic mushrooms. There are multiple product selections to satisfy any hallucinogenic experience you need.

  1. Zoomies Canada and other magic mushroom dispensaries provide budget-friendly pricing for their premium shroom products by minimizing overhead costs and maximizing customer outreach.
  2. In addition to offering a budget-friendly product range, online purchasing provides customers with diverse avenues to economize on their mushroom purchases. Explore a myriad of promotions and discounts that are readily accessible to enhance your cost-saving opportunities.
  3. Experience the utmost convenience by effortlessly acquiring psilocybin products from the comfort of your own residence and eliminate the need to venture outside.
  4. It offers a subtle method for acquiring psychedelic mushrooms while maintaining discretion and concealing your usage, particularly suitable for those who may be hesitant to disclose their preferences to others.

What Magic Mushrooms and Other Psychedelic Products Can Offer You

Hallucinogenic Experience or Recreational Use

The recreational utilization of magic mushroom products commonly entails an exploration of a diverse array of distorted and heightened sensory impressions. 

Individuals engaging in this experience may witness a vibrant spectrum of colours, witness objects transforming into various forms, and even encounter synesthesia.

It can amplify emotional responses, inducing feelings of joy, euphoria, and a profound sense of unity with all life, particularly in familiar and positive surroundings.

Medical Use

Many people protest the use of shrooms due to their mental health benefits. Clinical studies exploring the efficacy of mushrooms have yielded encouraging findings in the treatment of addiction and depression.

The Center for Addiction and Mental Health is actively engaged in pioneering studies on the potential applications for depression treatment. The institution seeks to leverage the therapeutic properties while minimizing or eliminating any associated psychedelic effects.

Reaping the Benefits with No Hallucinations

Engaging in microdosing of magic mushrooms entails the ingestion of minimal, sub-perceptual quantities of psilocybin. Anecdotal evidence, coupled with a clinical trial, indicates potential mental and physical health advantages associated with microdosing psychedelics, such as heightened mood, diminished anxiety, and an overall improvement in well-being.

How to Buy Magic Mushrooms Online

  1. Explore the motivations behind considering the use of psilocybin-containing mushrooms. Establishing a clear purpose for incorporating magic mushrooms into your wellness routine enables informed decisions regarding product selection and appropriate dosage.
  2. Browse through the selection of products. You can buy dried mushrooms for potent effects or capsules for microdosing.
  3. Add the product to your virtual cart.
  4. Upon completion of the desired actions, proceed to the checkout seamlessly and meticulously populate the requisite form with all essential details.
  5. Begin your journey to the payment page, where you will face prompts directing you to select the payment you prefer from a list of available options, especially if you have numerous possibilities.
  6. Upon completion, kindly await a confirmation email containing your tracking number for further assistance.
  7. Wait for your order to arrive.

What to Do With Shrooms?

Curious about enhancing your experience with magic mushrooms in Toronto? Explore the following activities to elevate your trip.


Engaging in journaling allows for a flexible approach tailored to your preferences. The act of journaling during introspective moments is a highly personal endeavour. Feel free to explore and experiment to discover the most effective method that suits your individual preferences during these reflective journeys.

Walk in Nature

Toronto is graced with an array of stunning and picturesque locations that can elevate your psychedelic journey. Magic mushrooms frequently evoke a profound connection between users and the surrounding environment which makes a nature-infused journey a liberating and noteworthy encounter.

Sit with Your Thoughts

Occasionally, individuals engaging in psychedelic experiences with mushrooms discover that reclining in a cozy and familiar environment with subdued lighting and closed eyes proves to be the optimal choice. This approach facilitates an unimpeded encounter with the effects.

There’s no imperative to engage in activities during your psychedelic voyage, as the rich landscape of your mind and the vivid hallucinatory experiences provide an ample array of contemplation and sensory exploration.

Engage with Art and Music

If you’re not yet prepared to channel your inner artist, immersing yourself in the creative expressions of others can be a captivating journey. Delve into the auditory realm by exploring both familiar tunes and undiscovered melodies. Alternatively, venture into the mesmerizing world of psychedelic-inspired art crafted by luminaries.

Even a seemingly ordinary experience, like gazing at a vibrant poster, has the potential to offer hours of entertainment during your journey.

Talk with Someone

Engaging in conversations with close friends or family members can enhance your psychedelic experience. Connecting with familiar individuals during your journey can lead to profound and insightful discussions, often fostering a heightened sense of connection with others.

Toronto, Ontario and all Other Cities in Canada Have Easy Access to Shrooms

All the Canadian provinces have easy access to Zoomies Canada psilocybin mushrooms. So, buy magic mushrooms online from Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, and Prince Edward Island, to Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Yukon.

Check out our guides and posts, particularly our microdosing user’s guide. Zoomies is not just a magic mushroom shop; we are also your valuable information source.

Buy Your Shrooms from Zoomies in Toronto, Ontario

Register and buy magic mushrooms online from Zoomies in Canada. Whether you need a magic mushroom shop near you or an information source, just contact us. Make us your online dispensary in Toronto.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do mushrooms cost in Toronto?

The pricing of magic mushrooms and related offerings is contingent upon the chosen product. Dried mushrooms are more budget-friendly, given their straightforward cultivation process, in contrast to edibles and capsules, which undergo additional processing stages before reaching the market.

Do you have to pay for shipping costs when buying shrooms online?

Yes. We maintain a consistent shipping fee that is unaffected by your total expenditure. However, an enticing complimentary shipping promotion awaits you when your purchase exceeds $149.

What is the estimated shipping duration for my order?

We meticulously handle your orders within a swift 1 to 2 business days before entrusting them to our preferred shipping partner, Canada Post. The estimated delivery time is contingent upon your location and prevailing weather conditions, with most orders typically reaching their destination within a week or less.

Is it safe to buy magic shrooms online?

The selection of your preferred dispensary holds paramount importance, underscoring the need for caution when procuring items from unlicensed establishments. Opting for reputable dispensaries such as ours ensures a safeguarded purchase that the products you acquire are not only secure but also meticulously curated from distinguished brands by industry experts.

What are the effects of magic mushrooms?

The impact of consuming magic mushrooms can be multifaceted, contingent upon factors such as dosage, consumption method, and the potency of the mushroom. For those embarking on their initial encounter with magic mushrooms, commencing with a conservative dose is advisable to induce a light experience and sidestep potential negative effects.

Anticipated effects encompass a spectrum of sensations:

  1. Body Stone
  2. Euphoria
  3. Alteration of Reality
  4. Visual Hallucinations

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