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Buy Magic Mushrooms Online in Quebec from Zoomies

The only province that is predominantly French-speaking, Quebec has a European feel to it. This is where Cirque du Soleil originated; a circus made for exploring the wonders of the inner self. All of this is made all the more fascinating by the pleasure of adding psilocybin mushrooms to the mix… this is a perfect trip.

Add to that the surrounding natural beauty, and you have yourself a province that a great magical mushroom tour. “Step right this way.” Whether you live in Montreal, Quebec City, Mont-Tremblant, Gatineau, or Sherbrooke, we deliver to your door. All of the cities in Quebec are great walking cities. Got outside and see them on foot. You don’t want to miss anything in your altered state of mind.

Quebec is Perfect for Magic Mushrooms

Quebec Canada is a great province for Zoomies’ delivery of psilocybin mushrooms. The province of Quebec offers some of the richest cultures in Canada. Buying magic mushrooms online in Quebec is a good fit.

You can take a deep dive into the history and culture of this area of early settlements. Quebec has a lot to offer, especially if you’re altered. Zoomies loves Quebec. Our hallucinogenic mushrooms are a great combination to combine with this rich culture.

Buy Magic Mushrooms Online from Zoomies

Buy from Zoomies online in Quebec and have hallucinogenic mushrooms delivered right to your door. This is a safe and reliable way to keep yourself supplied. Avoid hunting for them or buying on the black market. Consistency is key; this is a time when it’s good to be predictable. Zoomies gives you a fast, safe and dependable experience.

The richness of the Quebec culture is not unlike the richness of selection that Zoomie offers online to Quebec. We carry the widest selection of plant-based psychedelics anywhere. We have all the options covered. It’s all here, from edibles, microdoses, shroom drinks and tinctures, to DMT vapes.


Allow you to dose quickly and easily, on-the-go. Zoomie’s edibles are made from high-quality ingredients, whether psilocybin or the confection. These are tasty edibles. Chase it down with our psychedelic tea; consider it a “drinkable.”.

Dried Shrooms

Dried shrooms are a staple. There are many varieties. We carry the best dried magical mushrooms.

Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana– For lesser experienced, this is a good place to start. You still get a significant hallucinogenic experience, but It is a milder option.

Amazonian Cubensis– Amazonian is a readily available mushroom and quite popular. It is widely known for its clean, authentic and psychedelic effects.

Psilocybe semilanceata– Commonly known as “Liberty Cap,” this mushroom species is one of the most widely distributed in nature and one of the most potent.

We also carry blue magic mushrooms, blue meanies (panaeeolus cyanescens) and golden teacher mushrooms (psilocybe cubensis).


Flavours come in grape, fruit punch, and orange. Each bottle is 30ml, each containing 27.5 mg of psilocybin.


If you want the health benefits of mushrooms without the trip. By taking smaller amounts regularly, people find relief from anxiety, PTSD, depression, immune deficiencies, inflammation, cholesterol, and cancer. A boost of energy, improved memory, and increased focus are also achieved.

DMT vapes

Vapes and cartridges effectively consume DMT (or N, N-Dimethyltryptamine), a naturally occurring tryptamine drug.

Buy Shrooms Online Quebec

Quebec, the home of Cirque du Soleil, a circus created to provide a multi-sensory experience and explore your inner self. How better to describe a journey on magic mushrooms. Zoomies Canada is proud to say that many of our favourite clients reside in and order from this amazing province. 

The glistening beauty of the outdoors, from amazing hikes to gorgeous lakes and campgrounds, Quebec seems tailor-made to have an amazing mushroom trip. What better place to take your shroomy to experience to a whole new level.

One-Stop Shop Dispensary in Canada

Zoomies Canada is a one-stop shop and reputable shroom dispensary that gives you a wide selection of mushroom strains. If you want to start your experience with shrooms, Golden Teacher will ideally suit you. Want to have a shamanic experience? Try Penis Envy mushrooms.

Whatever you need, we can deliver them to you. We keep our packages sealed and leakproof. Hence you get them without anyone having a clue that they contain mind-altering mushrooms.

Are you ready for your next mushroom trip? Buy from Zoomies online in Quebec and enjoy a hallucinogenic effect that’s a one-of-a-kind and out-of-this-world experience.

Frequently Asked Questions


What makes magic mushroom hallucinogenic?

Magic mushrooms contain the substances psilocybin and psilocin, the active ingredients that are responsible for changes in perception, visual hallucination, etc. Psilocin is very unstable and degrades when heat and oxygen are exposed. Psilocybin, on the other hand, is much more stable.

When psilocybin enters the body, it will be converted to psilocin in the digestive tract. The latter will penetrate the BBB, mimic the activity of serotonin, and temporarily alter some part of the brain’s function.

What does it feel like to trip with mushrooms?

Mushrooms can have short-term effects on our bodies. They modify the physical and psychological aspects of a person. Changes that occur depend on a person’s metabolism, the mushroom strain, and the dose.

In mild to moderate trips, the physical effects of magic mushrooms can be elevated blood pressure, pupil dilation, lightheadedness, increased heart rate, and mild euphoria.

Meanwhile, the psychological effects are hallucinations with different images, objects, and shapes, visual and auditory changes like hearing colours and seeing sounds, a heightened sensation of closeness, and incapable of differentiating between reality and fantasy. 

Using a heroic dose of mushrooms will lead to an experience that creates a feeling of connectedness and ego rebirth. This dosage or level is best for expert shroom users.

Overdosing may occur with mushrooms, but is not fatal. Often it will cause extreme panic and psychosis. However, the effects are only short-term.

How can I enjoy my psychedelic trip?

A remarkable, worthy psychedelic experience can happen when one knows what to do and takes control of the situation. If you know how to manage, you can shift any bad trip experience that may occur.

Set and setting are crucial sources of an enjoyable trip. Set means the mindset of the person. That means you have to be ready when taking your mushrooms.

The setting is the location. You can stay at home or take a walk in nature. Make sure that a friend or family knows your plan.

Furthermore, prepare activities and materials that comfort you, like painting, listening to music, etc. It can divert a bad tripping experience.

Don’t forget to invite a sober trip buddy. They will help you relax when you start to feel anxious. 

By doing the following and taking the correct dose for your experience level, you can find it easy to have fun with mushrooms.

Can you experience wild hallucinogenic effects with shrooms, edibles, tinctures, etc.?

No matter what form of shroom product you buy in our shop, you can get different experiences. If you increase the dosage of your edibles or tinctures, you can get extreme hallucinogenic experiences including from dried mushrooms.

Dosage, body metabolism, experience level, and strain of the mushroom all contribute to an individual’s trip. If you are a beginner and eat more than the required dosage stated in the packaging, you can experience a moderate to high psychedelic effect.

Edible mushrooms and other products on our site make it easier to dose accurately and avoid the taste of raw shrooms.

What is the best way to microdose?

We recommend that you use capsules and edibles. They are the most accessible shroom products that you can use when microdosing.

It is possible to microdose with dried shrooms and tincture, but you have to be careful with your dosage measurement.

Microdosing means taking one-tenth or a twentieth amount of the standard psychedelic dose. That means you aren’t supposed to get hallucinations. Some physical changes like headaches or nausea may occur, but it is uncommon.

The purpose of microdosing is to boost mood, increase creativity, improve focus and concentration, etc. 

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Zoomies Brings More than a Shroom Shop to Quebec

Zoomies has helpful articles, guides and posts. So, you’ll fully understand your options and what is right for you. We offer more than magical mushrooms for sale.

In addition to Quebec, Zoomies delivers all over Canada from YukonBritish ColumbiaNorthwest TerritoriesAlbertaSaskatchewanNunavut, and Manitoba, to OntarioQuebecNewfoundland and LabradorNew BrunswickPrince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia. We have Canada covered.