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Buy Your Magic Mushrooms Online in Nunavut

You can’t get any further north in Canada than Nunavut. It is also a place for outdoor activity. This gives “the great outdoors” a whole new meaning. It also gives Zoomies a whole new province to call home. You can buy magic mushrooms online in Nunavut.

Your fresh magic mushrooms will likely stay fresh up here. Bring your supply along for added inspiration as you head out to one of the many spectacular territorial parks, rich in Inuit historical culture.

Whether you choose to watch the Northern Lights, capture some amazing photos, hunt, fish, camp, hike, get in a boat, watch whales, ski, dog sled, or even climb a mountain, choose to include hallucinogenic mushrooms to enhance the experience. Wherever you live in Nunavut, be-it Iqaluit, Rankin Inlet, Arviat, or National Parks, you can magic mushroom shop at Zoomies online and get delivery to your door.

Buy Shrooms from Zoomies in Nunavut

In Nunavut you have easy access to shrooms online. You can connect with us and we can bring your order right to your door. That is by far the best and most reliable way. It is also the safest. Our psilocybin mushrooms are all about creativity, and we see our offering to the visionary artists in Nunavut as a natural fit.

Zoomies and Nunavut Are Well Supplied

Nunavut has access to our entire range of products online. We have the widest selection of plant-based psychedelics available anywhere. You can choose dried shrooms, edibles, tinctures, shroom drinks, and microdoses, to DMT vapes. Connect the amazing world around you with full access to the amazing world of shrooms in Canada.

Our products include:

Dried Shrooms

Zoomies maintains a supply of the highest-quality fresh dried shrooms anywhere. 

Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana: For newer explorers, Mexicana is perfect. You get a hallucinogenic experience in a gentler form.

Amazonian Cubensis: With its clean and authentic effect, Amazonian is quite popular and readily available.

Psilocybe semilanceata: The common name for this variety is “Liberty Cap.” It is one of the most potent and one of the most abundant.

Psilocybe cubensis: Called the “golden teacher” mushroom. You may learn something from this one.

Panaeolus cyanescens: These are also called blue magic mushroom or blue meanies. This one means business.


If you want to microdose (taking smaller amounts on a schedule) you’ll find this product perfect for relief of everything from cancer, cholesterol, and inflammation, to immune deficiencies, depression, PTSD, and anxiety. You’ll also feel increased energy, improved memory, and increased focus.


Whether you’re in a place requiring increased discretion or simply on the go, our edibles are the perfect solution. Simply taking a pill might be your only option. You can always chase it down with our psychedelic tea.


Tincture flavours come in grape, fruit punch, and orange. Each bottle is 30ml, each containing 27.5 mg of psilocybin.

DMT vapes

Vapes and cartridges are an effective way to consume DMT (or N, N-Dimethyltryptamine), a naturally occurring tryptamine drug.

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    Super Magic Mushroom Bro’s – King of the Jungle MOOD – 400MG Capsules

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  • Ground Sounds – Penis Envy Gummy (2x1g)

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Buy Psilocybin Online in Nunavut

Shrooms online in Canada and Nunavut make sense together. In places like Iqaluit, creative thinking is a big part of the culture. Among the indigenous peoples of the area, the Inuit, and also the other cultures that have settled there, visual artists, filmmakers and musicians call this beautiful setting home. The creative expressions here are influenced by a colourful and magical view of this wondrous place. Hallucinogenic mushrooms fit right in.

Zoomies is Your Natural Resource

Online we include interesting information in our guides and posts. We intend to be a good resource for knowledge as well as a good resource for shrooms.

Zoomies brings Shrooms online anywhere in Canada. From YukonBritish ColumbiaNorthwest TerritoriesAlbertaSaskatchewan, Nunavut and Manitoba, to OntarioQuebecNewfoundland and LabradorNew BrunswickPrince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia. We cover Canada.