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What To Expect From A Magic Mushroom Trip

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Phase #2– The Onset

The onset is that period of time that you begin to feel the effects of the psilocybin. This phase lasts between 1 to 2 hours. During this period of time, making sure you’re occupied with the right experience is a good idea. If this is your first experience, you should realize that it may be easy to get caught in a mental loop of trying to figure out if you’re tripping.

As your experience builds, you’ll begin to notice an enhanced vibrance in your world. There will be some small but new and abnormal sensations and, as your pupils dilate, you will become more sensitive to light. You may also find that this is a much more pleasant experience if you are involved in stimulating activities like drawing, journaling, or walking outside.

Phase #3– The Peak

The peak of the trip is probably everything you’ve heard or imagined about a psychedelic trip. The experience will be largely based on your state of mind and that of your fellow tripsters. The length of time, although actually somewhere between 3 to 5 hours, will most likely be immaterial since one of the effects is a loss of a sense of time. It could seem a lot shorter or a lot longer.

If the place you’re in is bright, you’ll want to wear shades. But more than that, you’ll notice your new reality. During the peak, you’ll experience physical, auditory, and visual hallucinations. Sometimes a hallucination can be non-existent (seeing something that isn’t actually there), and other times hallucinations are distortions of real things. What you see, hear, and feel around you becomes distorted, transforms, or moves in ripples. Surface textures feel completely different. During this experience, you may notice a sense of euphoria; you may feel a sense of peace and more in touch with the world and beings around you. You may have more of an empathetic connection to other living things, be they people, animals, or even plants. Embrace your new perception of the world for a more pleasant experience.

Phase #4– The Comedown

The comedown is the return-trip. It is similar to the onset, only in reverse. All of the hallucinations, euphoric feelings, feelings of connectedness begin to dissolve as the psilocybin mushrooms become fully digested. This phase lasts about an hour or two. You may not even be aware of the comedown until most of the effects are gone. The perspective is always clearer when we reflect back.

The following day feels a bit like jetlag, but that shouldn’t be a surprise since you have returned from a trip. You can spend your day laying low and thinking about your experience. You’ll feel tired, sluggish, and maybe a bit dopey. It is a good time to drink lots of orange juice and other vitamin C-rich foods and beverages and look forward to your next shrooms delivery Canada.

We think that congratulations are in order.

magic mushrooms hangover

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4 – Comedown

The comedown of a magic mushrooms trip feels very similar to a reverse of the onset: your hallucinations, sense of euphoria, and feelings of deep connectedness will slowly but surely dissipate as the magic mushrooms have been fully digested by your body. The come down of a magic mushrooms trip is typically the last hour or two of the trip, and you won’t typically be fully aware of the comedown until most of the mushrooms’ effects are gone. Once your trip is over, you will feel tired, sluggish, and oftentimes a bit dopey: the magic mushrooms “hangover” is similar to feeling burnt out after consuming a lot of cannabis. Plan to take it easy the day after your shrooms trip: spend the next day resting, contemplating the new perspective your magic mushrooms trip has given you, and drinking lots of orange juice or consuming other vitamin-C rich foods and beverages. Congratulations, you’ve taken your first magic mushrooms trip! 

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What to Expect from a Magic Mushroom Trip

As you embark on your first magic mushroom trip, we’d like to let you know a bit about the road ahead. Since this may be your first experience, we suggest you start out by choosing a private safe place, probably your home, with one or two trusted friends or family members that agree to stay sober, and that will be available just in case you become anxious or uncomfortable.

Prepare to embrace an alternate reality. There is a good reason that these experiences are described as trips. As with any journey, appreciating the adventure is part of the fun. It is OK to go with the flow. The only way to truly know what to prepare for is by having already been there. The one thing you can expect is that it will be both beautiful and life-changing. If your mindset is one of acceptance and you realize that many things could happen, you can better enjoy the onset of the effects.

A magic mushroom trip can be broken down into 4 basic phases. They are the ingestion, the onset, the peak (the actual “trip”), and the comedown.

Phase #1– The Ingestion

First, get comfortable, both physically and mentally. This may involve making sure you don’t have an empty stomach and that you have a glass or bottle of water handy. Taking mushrooms on an empty stomach can make you nauseous, and even though eating a bit before your trip may mean it take a bit longer to feel the effects,  it will be helpful, and there is no need to be in a hurry. You shouldn’t be tripping on a schedule anyway.

To ingest the magic mushrooms, you can consume them raw and dried (can be hard on your stomach), in psilocybin isolate capsule form, ground into a powder, or even steeped in tea (an easy way for first-timers). Usually, it takes roughly an hour to begin to feel the effects.

Mushroom trip stages

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3 – Peak

The peak of the magic mushrooms trip is the part of the trip that you’d think of when imagining taking a psychedelic trip. This part of the trip will last 3-5 hours, but because one of the effects of psilocybin is a loss of sense of time, it may feel a lot shorter or a lot longer; both potential outcomes won’t affect whether you have a good trip or bad trip, as the experience you have during your trip will be mainly based on your and your fellow trippers’ mentalities when going into the trip. During the peak of a trip, you’ll have noticeable physical, auditory, and/or visual hallucinations: although people can have hallucinations of non-existent entities (for example hallucinating an object on a table when there actually isn’t an object there at all), typically hallucinations involve distorted perceptions of what you see, hear and feel around you: you may see your ceiling ripple, or feel like you’re touching a completely different texture when touching the top of your hand. Accompanying the hallucinations you may experience, you’ll feel euphoric, at peace, and you may feel a deeper sense of empathy and connection to the living things around you, including people, animals, and plants. You’ll also be very sensitive to light, as your pupils will have dilated, so if you’re planning on being in a brightly lit place during the peak of your shrooms trip, we recommend bringing along a pair of sunnies.

Zoomeis phases of shrooms

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