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What You Need to Know Before Trying Magic Mushroom Tea

There are many ways to experiment with mushrooms. Although the potency and effects may vary, taking the proper dosage can help you achieve the desired psychedelic experience. The various consumption methods of Psilocybe mushrooms are designed to make the process less daunting for some users.

Psilocybe cubensis does not have the typical taste of edible mushrooms. Unlike savoury or umami flavours, it tastes bitter or earthy. Therefore, people often explore various consumption methods. 

One popular way to consume psilocybin is by making magic mushroom tea. If you are interested in trying this method, below are a few things to remember:

What is Magic Mushroom Tea?

mushroom tea at Zoomies Canada

Shroom tea is a beverage made from psilocybin-containing mushrooms, typically dried Psilocybe. It is popular for its psychedelic properties and is a great alternative for individuals who dislike the taste of mushrooms or have difficulty consuming them. 

The effects of drinking shroom tea are similar to eating mushrooms whole, which is why it is a preferred method of ingestion for some people.

Benefits of Magic Mushroom Tea

Zoomies Psilocybin Mushroom

The benefits and effects of ingesting psilocybin, such as heightened senses, improved mood, and potential spiritual and mind-expanding experiences, can also be achieved through consuming shroom tea. Even a small amount of shroom tea can enhance creativity and increase insights.

There are a few benefits to preparing tea instead of ingesting the dry version. One advantage is that it is considerably more enjoyable. It tastes significantly better and is much more refreshing.

By including lemon juice, you can improve the effects and potency. Lemon juice’s citric acid enhances flavour and hastens the conversion of psilocybin to psilocin. The results will therefore hit you faster and offer you a shorter but more intense trip.


When prepared properly, consuming shroom tea can result in a positive psychedelic experience with a range of effects, such as feeling calm, giddy, euphoric, and a sense of well-being, as well as audiovisual hallucinations and perceptual distortions. 

To achieve this, it is essential to prepare your set and setting and consume a dosage you can tolerate. The effects of shroom tea typically begin to take effect within 20 to 30 minutes or potentially longer.

Where to Buy Magic Mushroom Tea?

You can prepare tea by using dried Psilocybe. This can be found in online dispensaries like Zoomies Canada. Our online shop provides a high-quality selection of cubensis with different strains. You can start with the classic Golden Teacher for milder or average potency to the strong effects of Penis Envy or Blue Meanies for profound trips.

Aside from making tea, there are other shroom drinks you can try. The effects are all similar to what you’ll expect when you eat Psilocybe whole. The best part is that these products contain accurate measures of psilocybin so that you can take them for micro dosing or a classic psychedelic experience.

Why Buy from Zoomies?

We offer a wide variety of psilocybin strains, each with different levels of potency. Our products are available at the most competitive prices online, and we also offer sales and coupons to help you save even more when purchasing from us. 

Additionally, you can take advantage of our referral programs or qualify for free delivery on orders over $149 to further maximize your savings.

Zoomies offer top-quality psilocybin products with excellent customer service. We provide door-to-door delivery across Canada, and our team is available to answer your questions or concerns you may have about our magic mushrooms. We’re dedicated to providing personalized assistance to make your experience with us truly magical.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best strain to make tea?

There are over 180 different varieties, and they are found growing wild all over the world. Today, it has become easier since anyone can have access to them by buying online. You can choose from the strongest to the average strain. 

The strain you choose depends on the strong effects you want to achieve. Of course, beginners should select a moderate strain in potencies, like Cambodian or B+. Always take into consideration the dosage when making tea.

How long are the effects of taking psilocybin tea?

The tea’s effects might linger for up to six hours. After consumption, the tea will work within 30 to 60 minutes. After drinking the tea, the high usually peaks between two and three hours later and progressively subsides. 

The amount of psilocybin will determine how strong the tea will be if you consume it for its psychedelic effects. If you don’t want a very intense trip, it’s a good idea to begin with a minimal dose and slowly work your way up.

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