LSD Microdose


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  • Lucid Supply Co. – LSD 25 Liquid Solution – 465μg – (15.5μg/ml)

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  • Osmosis – Micro Light LSD – LSD Drops – 600μg (120μg/ml)

  • Osmosis – Micro Light LSD – LSD Microdose Mints – 200μg – (5μg/Mint)

  • Osmosis – Micro Light LSD – Tabs 5μg

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    From $20.00

LSD Microdose products are emerging as a popular alternative to traditional psychedelic drugs. While some individuals still find recreational enjoyment in the effects of tripping on Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD), an increasing number of users are transitioning towards experiencing its therapeutic benefits.

These LSD products, containing a microdose of the primary compound, are available in various forms, with tabs and mints being popular choices. Explore how you can integrate psychedelic microdosing into your daily routine and harness its potential advantages.

What is LSD?

LSD, commonly known as “acid,” is a synthetic and psychoactive substance categorized as a hallucinogen. Even in small doses, this psychedelic drug can induce hallucinations.

People often consume LSD to achieve an altered state of consciousness, a heightened, surreal, and sometimes “trippy” sensation that transcends ordinary reality. It remains a popular method for altering one's perception of the world.