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  • Dream Machine – Vape Cartridge – DMT 1ml

  • Integral Alchemist – Mimosa- 1ml DMT Vape Cart

  • Lucid Supply Co. – 5-MeO DMT Vaporizer – 150mg/0.5mL cartridge

  • Lucid Supply Co. – N, N- DMT Vaporizer – 300mg/0.5mL Cartridge


DMT Vape

Zoomies has a high-quality vaporizer. We also have the highest quality and most extensively researched magic mushrooms you can find online. We can deliver directly to your door for most locations, and we can ship it to you for free if you purchase $149 or more.

The Benefits of Vaping

Magic mushrooms are mostly ingested orally, either dry or fresh. Some people eat them as-is, while others add them to other foods. They’re also often steeped in boiling water or tea. We also offer something different, a DMT vape pen. DMT occurs naturally in many plants and animals and is becoming popular due to its psychoactive effects and its ability to alter and improve thought patterns. Vaping DMT is a more convenient and discreet way to consume it. As opposed to smoking, vaping (or vaporizing) heats your substance of choice without fire or combustion. You are instead inhaling smokeless vapour resulting from the substance reaching its boiling point. A vape has a power source, heating element, space where the substance is heated, and a tube to inhale through. Originally there was a lightbulb involved, but the device technology has become more sophisticated. During the heating process, as you breathe in the air, you’ll notice that it is tastier and not as harsh as smoke.