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Buy Magic Mushrooms Online in Manitoba from Zoomies

In the center of Canada is Manitoba. At the center of the plant-based psychedelic industry in Canada is Zoomies. It is only natural for Manitobans to buy from and rely on Zoomies to bring psilocybin to the door. Whether your door is in Winnipeg, Brandon, or Steinbach, Zoomies brings it.

Although Manitoba is considered one of Canada’s three prairie provinces, it has a very diverse landscape that includes the arctic tundra, the Hudson Bay coastline, dense forests, and prairie farmland. The beauty and diversity of this province are unmatched, so is the diversity of our product line.

Buying Magic Mushrooms in Manitoba is the Best Bet

Zoomies allows you to live in Manitoba and still have easy access to the highest quality psilocybin shrooms online in Canada. As long as we deliver to you in Manitoba, what makes Zoomie shrooms and Manitoba such a great combination? On the Zoomie side of it, it’s safe, reliable and of the highest quality. On the Manitoba side of it, you can be one with the best nature has to offer. You can also experience the northern lights like never before.

Buy Magic Mushrooms Online from Zoomies

If you want a safer and easier way to get your hallucinogenic mushrooms in Manitoba, buy shrooms online from Zoomies. Whatever form you prefer, your psilocybin, we will ship it right to your door. Delivery is fast and discrete. When your package arrives, your shipment is completely undefinable and undetectable.

Manitobans choosing Zoomies for their fresh magic mushrooms are assured of safety. There are other ways of acquiring shrooms but hunting for them simply isn’t as reliable and buying them from the black market isn’t safe. If you choose Zoomies as your source, you can look forward to a trusting and reliable relationship.

Zoomies’ Online Psychedelic Products

If you’re looking for plant-based psychedelics, we have the widest variety anywhere. At Zoomies, you can buy magic mushrooms online. You can also buy psilocybin in various forms, from edibles, shroom drinks and microdoses to tinctures and dried shrooms. We also offer DMT vapes.


Zoomies only uses the highest-quality psilocybin and the highest quality confections. The result is a high-quality edible like sour strip edibles. Edibles also include mushroom pills and mushroom tea. These options are a discrete and tasty way to dose.


Microdosing is a great way to utilize the health benefits of magic mushrooms. Patients opting for these natural remedies see a boost in energy, memory, and general ability to focus. They also see relief from anxiety, PTSD, and depression, boosting immunity, reducing inflammation, lowering cholesterol, and even treating cancer.


We offer tinctures in 30ml bottles, each containing 27.5 mg of psilocybin. Flavours range from grape and fruit punch to orange.

Dried Shrooms:

Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana

A better choice for those less experienced with magic mushrooms is Mexicana. Although this mushroom still provides a mind-altering experience, it is a bit milder and more forgiving.

Amazonian Cubensis

One of the more popular and prevalent magic mushroom strains is Amazonian. It is known to provide a clean, authentic and psychedelic experience.

Among the other shrooms we carry are blue meanies (panaeeolus cyanescens) and golden teacher mushrooms (psilocybe cubensis).


Our DMT vape cartridge is the best way to consume DMT (or N, N-Dimethyltryptamine), a naturally occurring tryptamine drug.

Buy Shrooms Online Manitoba

If you’re looking for a place to buy shrooms online in Manitoba, Zoomies is the perfect place! We offer a wide selection of high-quality shrooms at great prices, and we’re always here to help if you have any questions. Whether new to shrooms or an experienced user, we’ll ensure you find the perfect product for your needs. Best of all, we offer free shipping on orders over $149! So what are you waiting for? Shop with Zoomies today and experience the difference!

Magic Mushroom Edibles For You

There is no need for concern if using raw magic mushrooms does not interest you. We have you covered with our delectable mushroom edibles that will make your mouth water with pleasure and provide you with an incredible trip. We offer a selection of edibles containing psilocybin, such as chocolate bars, tea, and others.

Because each serving of our edible mushroom products has been precisely dosed with a consistent amount of psilocybin, you will always be aware of the amount of this psychoactive compound you are taking at any given moment. If you aren’t looking for a full-blown psychedelic experience, you can now take a micro dose to improve mental effects, like imagination, sharpness, and psychological functioning. This allows you to avoid couch-locking highs that take up most of your business day and enjoy the benefits of psychedelics without sacrificing your ability to be effective.


Frequently Asked Questions


What are psychedelic mushrooms good for?

The mystical properties of mushrooms can hardly be overstated. Psilocybin has been shown to boost mood and lessen anxiety in certain people. Mushrooms have also been used medicinally to treat conditions such as headaches and addictions.

How do mushrooms affect your brain or mental health?

Disruption of brain transmission is a primary effect of the magic mushroom’s active component. As with hallucinogenic mushrooms, psilocybin (the active element) tricks the mind. They alter one’s sense of self and perspective of time, space, and place.

Does psilocybin affect your emotional state?

Psilocybin, a well-known hallucinogenic chemical, may help treat mood and drug abuse disorders. Reduced depression and enhanced positivity are among the acute psilocybin effects that might be seen.

What is penis envy?

Penis envy mushrooms are psilocybin mushrooms. They are a kind of Psilocybe cubensis. Penis Envy is uncommon since it’s hard to grow. You won’t see them as frequently as other magic mushrooms, but they’re interesting. They’re popular among Psilocybe cubensis for their high potency.

Can you mix shrooms with alcohol?

Consumption of both alcohol and magic mushrooms (shrooms) may have unanticipated consequences. For this reason, doctors advise against mixing alcohol with recreational drugs such as mushrooms.

Alcohol and mushrooms can interact with one another since they both have similar effects on the brain. When similar-acting pharmaceuticals are combined, their effects, side effects, and potential risks are amplified.

When alcohol and mushrooms are combined, some people may find that the effects of either substance are decreased. It may, however, make it more difficult to think rationally.

How to order through your website?

  1. Look through our assortment to find what you’re looking for. You may get what you’re seeking here, with the top online Magic Mushroom variety in Canada and the appropriate experienced help.
  2. Fill your shopping cart with high-quality mushrooms. Simply finish the checkout process and use our payment system for your order.
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