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Tidal Wave

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Tidal Wave mushrooms get their color, size, and overall cap shape from the B+ parent strain but have thick white bodies with tightly packed gills that resemble Penis Envy.

The wavy edges on the cap give it an otherworldly look, and these characteristic waves are where the strain gets its name from. Another unique quirk of the Tidal Wave strains is that they sometimes grow a little white ball on the top of their caps.

The effects of the Tidal Wave strain are very similar to Penis Envy, causing heavy visual hallucinations with intense euphoria during the initial stage while maintaining a sense of mental clarity.

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Tidal Wave mushrooms produce intense hallucinations and euphoria, similar to the famous Penis Envy strain. This Psilocybe cubensis gets its name from the distinctive waves on the cap, which give it a unique appearance. Like its parent strain, B+, the Tidal Wave resembles the cap’s colour and size.


The Tidal Wave mushroom is not only psychedelic but also healing. The scientific community has determined that psilocybin has significant therapeutic benefits when administered in microdoses and regular doses.

The studies regarding psilocybin show that it can work to alleviate symptoms of medical conditions such as recurring pain, depression, and migraines. Knowing that you need to find the suitable dosage to get the most out of these therapeutic benefits is essential.

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