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Mycology specializes in crafting shroom gummies infused with Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms, specifically the Melmac strain. The brand aims to cater to the diverse preferences of shroom enthusiasts by offering a range of dosages suitable for both macro and micro experiences. You can use these gummies to seek a transformative journey with psilocybin or explore the subtle benefits of microdosing. 

What Products We Offer?

We offer gummies infused with fruity essence. The gummies come in Raspberry, Cherry, Strawberry, and Watermelon flavours.

All these gummies contain the magic mushroom Melmac in different dosages.

What are Melmac Mushrooms?

Melmac is a magic mushroom belonging to the Psilocybe cubensis species. It derives its name from the popular TV show Alf, which features a friendly alien who hails from a planet called Melmac and crash-lands on Earth.

These mushrooms are a type of Penis Envy mushroom cultivated in a lab setting. Some referred to this strain as “Melmac Penis Envy” or “Homestead Penis Envy.” They exhibit a peculiar appearance, characterized by a thick, twisted stem and a wavy cap frequently displaying fissures.

History and Origins

The story of Melmac mushrooms begins with Terence Mckenna finding a type called Penis Envy in the Amazon Rainforest in the 1970s. He sent spores to mycologist Steven Pollock, who isolated the genetics that led to the discovery of Penis Envy.

There's another tale about mycologist Richard Gutierrez, who delved into the spores from Mckenna. His work involved stabilizing these spores, which eventually led to the development of the strain known as Penis Envy.

Melmac is a type of Penis Envy mushroom made through careful breeding to be strong and consistent. Some scientists say Melmac is just another name for Penis Envy, but it looks slightly different, with golden caps and wavy stems.

Potency & Psilocybin Content

  • Melmac mushrooms have a potency of around 0.98% (tryptamine), which places them in the “above-average” category.
  • The average psilocybin levels in Melmac mushrooms are approximately 0.84%, with psilocin levels just under 0.1%.


Depending on how much you consume, the effects may vary:


  • Improved mood, creativity, and productivity
  • Increased feelings of connection to oneself and others
  • More focused


  • Hallucinations (more intense or glowing colours, moving or distorted surfaces, etc.)
  • Altered thinking
  • Intense emotions
  • Disruption of time and space
  • Body high
  • Feeling of melting into your surrounding
  • Ego dissolution
  • Life changing introspection
  • Mystical experience

Therapeutic Benefits 

Gummies infused with Melmac mushrooms contain the natural compound psilocybin, known for its hallucinogenic properties. Beyond its hallucinogenic effects, research suggests promising therapeutic potential for this compound.

  1. Possible Healing Uses for Depression

A study from Johns Hopkins University revealed promising results regarding the use of psilocybin in alleviating fear and depression among patients with cancer. The findings indicated a sustained positive impact that persisted for over a year during the follow-up period.

  1. Help with Quitting Smoking and Drinking Less

A study featured in the Journal of Psychopharmacology highlighted significant improvements in smoking abstinence among participants who underwent psilocybin-assisted therapy sustained for 12 months.

  1. Induces Neuroplasticity

Psychedelic mushrooms can induce enduring changes in neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity refers to the remarkable capability of the brain to reorganize itself, forming new neural connections and pathways. These changes may recalibrate maladaptive behaviours, which offers hope for sustained relief from depression and other mental health problems.


There are two options when consuming these gummies: Microdose and Macrodose.



Microdosing is the ingestion of minute amounts of psychedelic substances.

These doses are insufficient to induce a full-blown psychedelic experience or the characteristic hallucinations associated with these substances.

Macrodosing involves consuming mushrooms in higher doses.

The psychedelic effects range from subtle to more pronounced. Increased dosage heightens the likelihood of experiencing phenomena such as ego dissolution or sensations of detachment from one's body.

0.1 to 0.5 grams

0.5 grams and above

How To Prepare and Consume Shroom Gummies?

  • Start with a small dose to gauge your response. The dosage depends on weight, tolerance, and desired effects. Take them on an empty stomach to reduce nausea.
  • Allocate sufficient time to experience the effects fully. Refrain from consuming them before undertaking tasks that require focus and attention.
  • Reflect on your intentions behind using them and select the most suitable timing. 
  • Take a moment to reflect on your Set and Setting. Your mindset, or “set,” is about being mentally prepared and open to what lies ahead. Your physical environment, or “setting,” is where you feel safe and at ease.

Buy Mycology Products at Zoomies Canada

Zoomies Canada offers a selection of psilocybin mushroom-based products designed for recreational and therapeutic use. Our selection includes Canadian brands such as Mycology because of the safety of their products, and we want to provide customers with various dosage options and flavours. Our shrooms online platform facilitates convenient shroom delivery directly to your doorstep, which eliminates the necessity to venture out for access to these gummies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do magic mushroom-containing gummies interact with other medications or substances?

  • Alcohol: Increases nausea and disorientation.
  • Cannabis: Enhanced visuals or increased anxiety.
  • Stimulants: Combining with caffeine or amphetamines can raise heart rate and restlessness.
  • Benzodiazepines: Dull the effects but help calm challenging trips.

What is the duration of the trips experienced when using shroom gummies?

The effects of mushroom gummies last four to eight hours but depend on individual biochemistry and dosage. 

  • Higher doses lead to longer-lasting effects.
  • Metabolism influences the rate at which the body processes and expels psilocybin.
  • Higher body weights may experience prolonged effects due to a slower metabolism.
  • Prior use of shrooms may result in shorter effects due to the development of tolerance.

Can beginners use macrodose gummies?

Start with a single gummy containing 500mg and patiently observe the subtle effects. You may consider increasing your dosage if you feel no effects after two hours. Beginners must exercise caution and avoid exceeding doses of 4 grams and beyond, as these levels are for experienced users due to their potent effects.