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  • Bright Future – Nootropic Tea – Cloud Nine – 100mg

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  • Ground Sounds – Penis Envy Gummy (2x1g)

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Buy Magic Mushrooms Vancouver: Best Of Vancouver Magic Mushroom Dispensaries

Vancouver enchants visitors with its scenic panoramas, mild climate, and friendly locals. This lively city also holds the esteemed title of one of the most coveted residential locations.

Aside from its diverse culture and scenic views, Vancouver residents are open to novel ways and ideas. Residents use alternative medicines like psychedelic mushrooms to help them with their conditions, particularly with mental health issues. You can be part of this culture as you can find physical and online magic mushrooms Vancouver shops to provide you with your psilocybin needs.

Legal Status and News on Mushrooms Vancouver

The regulatory framework for psychedelics in British Columbia falls into a gray area. While the federal government and Health Canada permit the use of psilocybin, patients must meet specific criteria, such as having treatment-resistant depression, to access it. Acceptance into this program or other clinical trials can be time-consuming. Some enterprising Canadians have taken matters into their own hands by opening stores selling psilocybin.

The city council licenses these stores. Dana Larsen, who owns a store on East Hastings Street, stated that the police must allow politicians, whether at the local or federal level, to make decisions before intervening.

When asked about magic mushroom dispensaries in the area, Vancouver Mayor Ken Sim stated that discussions about psilocybin need to be by the regulating body. He emphasized that the city’s primary focus remains on addressing essential issues. This includes core services such as housing and infrastructure.

Local Magic Mushroom Businesses in Vancouver

Vancouver boasts a burgeoning market of mushroom dispensaries, many of which are secured business licence holders. These businesses can be storefronts for physical visiting or online shops for discreet shopping and delivery.

Medicinal mushroom dispensary operates openly in Vancouver, with at least 4 new dispensaries established. These shops promote the benefits of psilocybin for mental health and end-of-life distress.

The Demand for Local Shroom Businesses 

According to the CEO of TheraPsil, limited treatment options for medical use drive the demand for psilocybin mushrooms in Vancouver. Accessibility must become a national conversation to ensure Vancouverites can seek the help they need.

Why do Vancouverites need more shroom businesses?

  • Effective Treatments: Research shows psilocybin can effectively treat mental health conditions and addiction, critical issues facing Vancouverites.
  • Clinical Trials: Numinus Wellness in Vancouver conducts clinical trials showing promising medical use.

Buy Psilocybin in Mushroom Dispensary Vancouver

Acquiring your desired psychedelic experiences has never been more convenient, thanks to reputable online dispensaries. Residents of Vancouver can now effortlessly access high-quality products from the comfort of their homes.


Purchasing psychedelic mushrooms online offers a level of convenience similar to that of an online medicinal mushroom dispensary. With just a few clicks on your device, you can effortlessly navigate the dispensary’s offerings and complete your purchase. After the transaction, there is a short waiting period for your order to arrive.

This streamlined and user-friendly option is especially beneficial for those with limited physical access to mushrooms, disabilities, busy lifestyles, or social anxiety.

Multiple Product Options

Acquiring products from an online magic mushrooms Vancouver dispensary offers the convenience of exploring diverse options. You can fulfill all your needs in one comprehensive online store. 

Discover a variety of offerings, including dried psilocybin mushrooms, shroom edibles, shroom-infused beverages, capsules, and an array of other psychedelics such as LSD and DMT.

Safer Option

The products derived from magic shrooms at an online dispensary Vancouver originate from reputable brands and accomplished cultivators renowned for their expertise in the field. Employing the finest and most secure methods, these manufacturers meticulously crafted these products to ensure the safety of users during consumption.

By choosing an online mushroom dispensary, you avoid dealing with dubious dealers who may falsely claim to offer psychedelic drugs or shrooms. These shady sources often sell dangerous mushrooms or engage in the illegal trafficking of controlled substances.

Affordable Option

Purchasing items through online platforms offers a more cost-effective alternative than traditional brick-and-mortar or physical dispensaries. The reduced prices online can be due to lower overhead costs and an expanded customer base.

Discounts and Promotions

In addition to its budget-friendly pricing, an online medicinal mushroom dispensary offers many opportunities to maximize savings with each transaction. Take advantage of exclusive discounts tailored for first-time buyers, bulk purchasers, and special monthly sales, among other enticing promotions. Stay in the loop regarding these ongoing discounts by subscribing to the dispensary’s newsletter.

Discreet Packaging

Concerned about the discretion of your mushroom purchase or hoping to avoid judgment? Rest assured, a reputable magic mushroom dispensary prioritizes your privacy. We meticulously package your order in an airtight container to ensure that any distinctive odour remains securely contained. The discreet packaging lacks any store logos or itemized content lists to safeguard your confidentiality throughout the process.

Ships Anywhere in Vancouver and Canada

Whether you live on the vibrant East Hastings Street or the bustling Granville Street, or perhaps in a completely different province, an online dispensary can deliver its products directly to your doorstep. 

It is advisable to thoroughly peruse the dispensary’s shipping policy to ascertain the specific locations covered by their delivery services.

  • Super Magic Mushroom Bro’s – Amazonian Wild RELAX – 400MG Capsules

  • Super Magic Mushroom Bro’s – Asian Sensation FOCUS – 400MG Capsules

  • Ground Sounds – Penis Envy Gummy (2x1g)

  • Zenly – Microdose LSD Gel Tabs – 200ug (10ugx20)

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  • Zenly – LSD Gel Tabs – 600ug (100ug per tab)

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  • Zenly – LSD Gummies – Sour Zen Berry – 200ug (100ug per gummy)

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  • Lucid Gates

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  • Bull Run

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Magic Mushrooms and Other Products We Offer at Zoomies Canada

Dried Shrooms Dehydrated-looking mushrooms that are potent and come in multiple grams and strains.
  • Golden Teacher
  • Blue Meanies
  • Penis Envy
Shroom Gummies Shroom products that look like regular gummies but contain varying amounts of psilocybin. 

Flavours can range from sweet to sour-tasting.

  • Wonder Psilocybin Gummies
  • Kind Stranger Gummies
Shroom Chocolate Chocolate bars or bite-sized treats.


These delectable creations come in various flavours, such as hazelnuts, cookies and cream, blood orange, and more.

  • Wonder Psilocybin Chocolate Bar
  • Bright Future Chocolate Bar – Dark chocolate and sea salt
Microdose These are capsules that contain small amounts of psilocybin that cannot induce any hallucinations. Instead, you get to focus on the positive benefits.
  • Ground Sound Microdose Capsules
  • Kind Stranger Microdose Capsules
Shroom Drinks Similar to gummies and chocolates, shroom drinks resemble regular drinks with psilocybin. These beverages often come in powdered form.
  • Bright Future Nootropic Energy Drink
  • Euphoria Psychedelics Green Tea
  • Magic Bean Variety Pack
LSD LSD products can include:

  • Edibles
  • Tabs
  • Drinks
  • Tincture 
  • Lucid Supply Co. – LSD Blotter Tabs
  • Lucid Supply Co. Gummies
DMT DMT products are often in the form of powder or vape carts.
  • Dream Machine Vape Cart
  • Lucid Supply Co. – N, N- DMT Vaporizer

Have Access to Zoomies Canada’s Shrooms in Vancouver and Across Canada

The City of Vancouver is one of many places in Canada that can enjoy the benefits of our magic mushrooms. Other Canadian provinces, from Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, and Prince Edward Island to Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Yukon, can also get their psilocybin needs through our website.

Zoomies Canada stands out as the premier online destination for psychonauts. Our secure platform allows you to select from a diverse range of premium shrooms and other psychedelic products safely. Elevate your shopping journey by adding your desired products to the virtual cart and unlocking exclusive discounts and promotions that reduce your overall cost. 

Our dedication to safeguarding customer privacy remains steadfast, exemplified through our discreet and secure packaging methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I identify safe and reputable sources for purchasing psychedelic mushrooms?

  • Read reviews of the products.
  • Ask questions on forums if they know about the magic mushroom dispensary you choose to buy shrooms.
  • Check the security and payment method of the dispensary.
  • Find if the magic mushroom dispensary provides details about their shop and contact information.
  • Ask questions by sending inquiries to the customer support team and wait for them to respond.

Are there any restrictions on the quantity of magic shrooms one can buy in Vancouver?

Purchase limitations vary among dispensaries. Some establishments do not enforce any restrictions. If there are no restrictions, buy in bulk to access product discounts and potential shipping cost reductions. 

What is the legal age to buy shroom in an online mushroom dispensary?

Most dispensaries allow the purchase of magic mushrooms if you are 19 years or older. It’s best to check your federal and provincial laws to be sure. The legal age is usually similar to the age requirement for buying cannabis.