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All over the world anxiety affects people of all ages (particularly young people). With a little help, this condition can be beaten. Thinking outside the box just may get you through it. If you are open to the idea of small amounts of psychedelics, you may be looking at a breakthrough you didn’t know was possible.

People try different substances to address anxiety, from drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes, to prescription pills. This attempt at medication may or may not accomplish much, and many times can make the situation worse.


An Alternate Solution to Treating Anxiety

There are many substances used, with a varying degree of effectiveness. Many people have determined that psychedelics are a very helpful tool for reducing anxiety levels. If well managed and handled responsibly, small amounts of psychedelics can be a great way to reduce anxiety and boost creativity.


Psilocybin Microdosing

Microdosing is the practice of ingesting small amounts of psychedelics, like psilocybin, on a regular schedule. In small amounts, psilocybin does not induce psychedelic effects but gently modifies the user’s mood, anxiety level and alertness.

Micro dosing magic mushrooms, if done accurately and carefully, help people achieve a desired mental state without “tripping.” Psilocybin pills work well to maintain precisely measured amounts, but as long as you portion it out, microdosing psilocybe can be easily achieved by simply eating fresh dried shrooms in precise doses adhering to a schedule.

Typically microdosing follows a three-to-four-day schedule. As you learn about microdosing, you’ll discover that taking a dose every day will not be as effective, in that it is easy to build up a tolerance. the body builds up a tolerance pretty quickly. You need to understand when not to dose.



Microdosing is Proving to Provide an Answer

Microdosing could be the right solution for you. In many cases, people report that they not only find relief from anxiety, they also find that they are able to study for classes and perform their work more efficiently.

Psilocybin is regarded as a classic “all-natural” psychedelic. It can induce changes in mood by affecting our neurotransmitters. If taken in micro amounts on a schedule, it is proving to be an effective way of achieving a new perspective.


Microdosing helps you manage your anxiety in a number of ways:


  • We are all conditioned over time and are hard-wired to process information in a certain way. Sometimes that works well, and other times it doesn’t. Microdosing helps you access new pathways to a new way of thinking.
  • Microdosing helps you feel more positive. With a positive outlook comes positive energy. With positive energy, it is easier to find solutions.
  • Anxiety can result in panic. A state of panic can inhibit logical thinking. Another benefit to microdosing is that can achieve a general state of ease.

Anxious feelings are a nagging problem that can prevent sufferers from getting past their problems. Micro dosing eases anxiety and provides the mental clarity required to address the very problems that are causing the anxiety.

Whereas assumptions might be that hallucinogens cloud your thinking, when micro dosing, the opposite is true. Think of it as cloud lifting, allowing you to see clearly. Whether you microcode in order to study more efficiently or boost your effectiveness at work, calming your anxiety levels is a great start.


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