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Shroombox Company is Canada’s easiest and most reliable magic mushroom grow kit. You don’t have to worry about mixing substrates or navigating complicated cultivation methods using their kits. You must only provide the optimal growing environment and watch your kit burst with efficient mushrooms.

Magic mushroom grow kits come equipped with a growth chamber, prepared mushroom-growing substrates, and pure magic mushroom spawn. You can ensure a seamless journey from setup to harvest.

What’s Inside Your Grow Kit?

Mushroom grow kits offer all the essentials for cultivating your mushrooms at home. They include basic components like a compact plastic container filled with sterilized or pre-colonized substrates and more.

Material Use
Pre-colonized Mycelium (packaging box) You can bypass the initial inoculation stage and dive right into the fruiting phase, where mushrooms start to grow.

It’s worth noting that these are for single use only. Once you’ve harvested your mushrooms, you must purchase another kit for future cultivation.

Growing Chamber Bag Grow bags provide an ideal environment for mushroom mycelium to thrive. They facilitate gas exchange for growth while effectively safeguarding against common contamination intrusion.
Liquid Crystal Thermometer To monitor the temperature for optimal growth.
Binder Clips Seal the chamber bags effectively after placing the pre-colonized mycelium for secure cultivation.

Shroom Kits Available and Their Appearance

1. Avery’s Albino

Avery’s Albino is a genuine albino strain characterized by distinctively white spores. These mushrooms require careful cultivation due to their rarity and delicate nature. Compared to other P. cubensis varieties, they are shorter in stature with robust caps and stems.

2. Aztec God

These mushrooms boast an impressive size with broad, light yellow caps and robust stems. Upon drying, the Aztec Gods undergo a transformation, which appears slightly diminished in size and texture, with some fading of their vibrant hues.

3. Cambodian

The caps of Cambodian mushrooms boast a striking gold hue and often display a flat to convex shape. Usually petite in size, from half an inch to three inches in diameter, they reveal narrow, gray gills underneath.

Resting beneath the cap is its stem, recognized by its white coloration and hollow interior. It stands at a height of two to six inches and measures about half an inch in thickness.

4. Golden Teachers

Golden Teacher magic mushrooms display a distinctive appearance, characterized by golden to light brown caps adorned with yellow or white speckles and a robust white stem. These caps take on a bell-shaped form, although variations include conical, flat, or irregular shapes. Their size spans from 1 to 8 centimetres in diameter, while the stems measure between 4 to 8 centimetres in length and 0.2 to 0.7 centimetres in thickness.

5. Malabar

Malabar mushrooms have thick, fleshy stems accompanied by relatively modest caps. A delicate web-like veil adorns the underside of the cap and vanishes upon drying. The caps exhibit a gentle curve and a yellowish-brown hue that deepens towards the center as they mature. Initially gray, the gills transition to a darker black shade with age.

The stems of the Malabar strain are robust and bulky, 4 to 6 inches long, and at their peak ripeness, they sport a pale brown coloration.

The Benefits of Using Grow Kits

  1. Simplicity: Grow kits come ready with pre-inoculated substrate, which spares you the intricacies of initial mushroom cultivation. Just follow the straightforward instructions provided.
  2. Increased Success Rate: Grow kits minimize the risk of contamination.
  3. Variety: Grow kits tailored to different varieties allow you to explore many mushroom types. This is an opportunity for beginners to try more challenging strains.
  4. Educational Value: Grow kits offer a hands-on learning experience by providing insights into mushrooms’ life cycle and growth needs.
  5. Convenience: Everything you need comes neatly packaged in one kit, which eliminates the hassle of sourcing and sterilizing substrate or acquiring spores separately.
  6. No Special Equipment Required: Besides a simple spray bottle for maintaining humidity and perhaps a light source, grow kits don’t require additional equipment.

Why Grow Magic Mushrooms

There are two reasons to grow mushrooms: recreational use or medicinal reasons.

Recreational Use

Recreational use involves the consumption of substances for purposes other than medical necessity. Individuals who engage in recreational use primarily want to experience the psychoactive effects. Many individuals seek a sense of euphoria or a “high” to elevate their mood temporarily.

Medicinal Use

The active compound found in magic mushrooms, known as psilocybin, has been the subject of numerous studies indicating promising benefits ranging from alleviating depression to effectively managing pain. One area of particular interest is its potential in treating Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), where ongoing research seeks to understand its impact better.

Michael P. Bogenschutz, Director of NYU Langone Center for Psychedelic Medicine, and associates conducted a meticulous double-blind clinical trial aimed at exploring the advantages of psilocybin for AUD.

Over the 32-week double-blind phase, the psilocybin group exhibited a decrease in the frequency of heavy drinking days compared to the diphenhydramine group. There was also a noticeable reduction in mean daily alcohol consumption, measured by the number of standard drinks consumed per day within the psilocybin group.

Start Growing Your Mushrooms Today

Discover the world of premium mushroom cultivation with Zoomies Canada. Our range of shroom grow kits provides beginners with everything they need to start growing mushrooms easily. Each kit includes essential equipment and supplies. Conveniently order from our online store, and we’ll deliver your kit directly to your doorstep anywhere in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use grow kits?

  1. Remove the lid from the kit and fill the container with water until completely submerged. Replace the lid securely and allow it to soak for 9–12 hours.
  2. After soaking, remove the lid and rinse it under running water. Drain any excess water from the kit.
  3. Pour approximately clean tap water into the provided grow bag. Gently place the soaked grow kit into the grow bag with the water. Spray water only once on the inner sides of the bag during setup.
  4. Fold the top of the grow bag twice and secure it with binder clips. Position the bag in a well-lit area with indirect daylight and consistent warmth between 23–27°C. It can be advantageous to place the kit slightly elevated.

How long does it take to grow magic mushrooms?

You’ll start noticing the emergence of the first magic mushrooms within 2-3 weeks after initiating the growth process. Harvesting occurs around 14-21 days after activating the growing kit.

What does it mean when no mushrooms are growing?

If your mycelium isn’t showing signs of growth, it’s likely due to fluctuations in temperature or humidity. Maintaining a clean substrate is also necessary to prevent contamination that could affect the growth of shrooms.


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