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The Blue Magnolia Rust spore is as powerful as Penis Envy. While very potent this spore has a unique rusty pigment to it.

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Blue magnolia rust shrooms (Phellinus linteus) have long been used therapeutically in Asia. Some of the long-standing applications for this unusual fungus are now being supported by modern science.

A highly potent fungus, this mushroom has been compared to Penis Envy mushrooms, which are typically thought to contain the most extraordinary psilocybin levels of any Psilocybe Cubensis type. 


The influence of Blue Magnolia rust mushrooms on cognitive function is among their most thoroughly researched health advantages. A study discovered that after four weeks of daily intake with a Phellinus linteus extract, healthy elderly persons’ memory and cognitive performance had improved. Ergothioneine and hericystin, two of Phellinus linteus’ active ingredients, are assumed to be responsible for the cognitive-improving effects. These substances scavenge free radicals and aid in preventing oxidative cell damage.

Additionally, Phellinus linteus has shown potential in treating depression and anxiety. An extract from Phellinus linteus was shown to be equally effective as the antidepressant fluoxetine in a 2008 study. It is often used for therapeutic reasons or in group settings as at parties.


Blue Magnolia magic mushrooms have effects that might be noticed anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours after use. The products of a trip might differ significantly from person to person depending on factors including food, metabolism, weight, and environment.

The remarkable hallucinogenic effects of magnolia mushrooms are well known for creating pleasant visions and a dreamy, spiritual experience. We suggest that newbie psychonauts not start their psychedelic experience with this strain because of its extreme potency. 


The Blue Magnolia Rust Magic Mushroom, a novel and potent strain of the Psilocybe family, is uncommon in the modern shroom market. Interestingly, two mycologists created it by isolating sporangiophore obtained from a study sample of the wild Mississippi variation.

It is well known for its warm colouring, distinctive appearance, and the fact that it imparts an energizing sense of spirituality, but because of its high strength, it is not advised for beginners. Although it can be used for fun at gatherings and is prudently used for therapeutic tasks, it is not recommended to be used in large amounts during conferences or group activities.

After ingesting this strain for 10 to 30 minutes, you can start feeling its effects. Euphoric and ecstatic emotions improve mood. However, this depends on dosage; there could be light and moderately strong sights. You develop a closer bond with nature and the people and things around you.

From several research and search results online, the researchers reported that the variety was discovered initially near a horse ranch and was seen growing on wood chips and manure from horses.

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Can Microdose capsules be used to get the full effect?

Yes, they can be, but this is only sometimes their intended purpose. If you want to change to a higher dose, we recommend making tea and emptying the capsules into it, as this will allow you to get the most out of the dosage. Furthermore, waiting at least two days after microdosing to allow your receptors to clear will significantly improve your experience.

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