GroundSounds - Blu Raspberry - 1gGroundSounds - Blu Raspberry - 1g

Ground Sounds – Penis Envy Gummy (2x1g)


Elevate, expand and dive a little deeper with this potent dose of magic.

Quantity: 2 gummies

Ingredients per gummy: Psilocybe Cubensis 1g

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cut one square in four and enjoy one quarter to start. Listen to your body.

Psilocybin 1g


2 gummies per package

Penis Envy Mushrooms, Sugar, Gelatin (bovine), Lemon juice, Water. Food colouring, Fruit flavouring, Citric acid, Potassium sorbate, Coconut oil


Ground Sounds

Ground Sounds is a Canadian brand dedicated to crafting microdose capsule solutions to enhance overall well-being. Their capsules can subtly elevate mood, stimulate creativity, heighten focus, and foster a deeper sense of connection. Microdosing with this brand’s products offers a safe and natural means of harnessing the potential benefits of psilocybin without venturing into psychedelic experiences. You can explore the therapeutic effects by incorporating small, controlled amounts of the mushroom into your weekly routine....

What Products We Offer?

We offer a diverse range of microdose capsules from Ground Sounds to enhance various aspects of your life. These capsules have the main psilocybin ingredient, medicinal mushrooms, and herbal components.
Product Microdose Capsules – Champion Lover Microdose Capsules – Stevie’s Wonder Microdose Capsules – Super Freak
Benefits Boosts stamina and intimacy, enhances physical & emotional bonds Improves mental clarity and memory, enhances productivity Reduces stress and inflammation, boosts immune system
Psilocybin Dose Options 50mg, 100mg, or 250mg 50mg, 100mg, or 250mg 50mg, 100mg, or 250mg
Key Ingredients Psilocybin, reishi, cacao, cordyceps, maca Psilocybin, reishi, bacopa, gotu kola, lion’s mane Psilocybin, reishi, Ashwagandha, Chaga, ginger, turkey tail
Additional Benefits Reishi supports the immune system and sleep regulation; Cacao for heart health; Cordyceps for stamina; Maca for mood booster Bacopa improves brain function and memory; Gotu Kola for cognitive function; Lion’s Mane boosts focus and nerve repair Ashwagandha reduces anxiety; Chaga fights stress hormones; Ginger increases serotonin; Turkey Tail combats free radicals

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing involves consuming small amounts of natural psilocybin from magic mushrooms. Microdosers take about 10% of a regular dose, or 100-300 milligrams of dried mushrooms, 2-5 times a week. This practice aims to harness the potential benefits without the drawbacks of full-blown psychedelic effects. Microdosing mushrooms offers a more manageable and subtle experience compared to traditional dosing. Setting intentions is key to maximizing the benefits of microdosing. Reflecting on your goals or desired outcomes for the day can enhance the overall experience.


Enhanced Creativity and Problem-Solving Abilities

Microdosing can boost creativity and problem-solving skills. Users often think more creatively, make new connections, and tackle tasks with fresh perspectives. This creative spark is particularly helpful for artists, innovators, and those facing tricky problems.

Reduction in Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

A global online survey gathered insights from 1,102 participants who have either experimented with microdosing or are currently engaged in the practice. Among those who took prescribed medication, a notable portion—50.6%—indicated they discontinued antidepressant use, while 39.7% reported ceasing other psychiatric medications. Recent findings published in Scientific Reports shed light on the potential mood-boosting and mental well-being-enhancing properties of psychedelic mushrooms. Joseph Rootman, a study co-author and a doctoral student at the University of British Columbia, highlighted its effects on cognitive function and mental wellness.

Pain Management

Research also suggests that microdosing these mushrooms may have analgesic effects. A study from the Journal of the International Association for the Study of Pain found analgesic effects in three microdose patients. In one case, continued administration yielded greater relief over time.

Enhanced Cognitive Performance

There is growing anecdotal evidence suggesting that microdosing may enhance cognitive function. Many individuals report experiencing heightened mental clarity and increased receptivity to novel ideas when microdosing. Research published in PLOS ONE supports these claims to some extent. The study indicates that microdose individuals often report improved cognitive function on the days they dose.

How Does It Work?

Psilocybin interacts with serotonin (5-HT) receptors in the brain. These receptors distribute throughout the nervous system and regulate various functions such as mood, cognition, and bowel movements. Psilocybin has a strong affinity for the 5HT-2A receptor, which plays a role in learning, memory, and cognition. By taking a microdose of a psychedelic substance and steering clear of the intense effects associated with a full trip, the brain can concentrate solely on the cognitive enhancements facilitated by these receptors.

Microdosing Practices

  • Take a microdose every three to four days to prevent tolerance buildup.
  • Start with a dose around 1/10th of a recreational dose and adjust as needed.
  • Maintain a journal to track effects and adjust dosing accordingly.
  • Consider potential interactions with any medications or supplements you may be taking.
  • Consume your microdose earlier in the day.
  • It's wise to be mindful of your caffeine and cannabis intake as well, as they can intensify any feelings of restlessness or anxiety in some individuals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I microdose?

The frequency of microdosing can vary from person to person. Some individuals microdose every few days, while others prefer a schedule of once or twice a week. It's essential to find a frequency that works best for you and to pay attention to any signs of tolerance or adverse effects.

What type of magic mushroom is inside a capsule?

The most widely encountered type of mushroom is Psilocybe cubensis. This species has a diverse range of strains, each differing in potency. One of the frequently encountered strains found in psilocybin capsules is the Golden Teacher. This particular strain offers a moderate level of psilocybin content, which makes it a suitable option for individuals who are new to psychedelics or interested in microdosing techniques.

What are the purposes of incorporating additional ingredients such as Lion's Mane, Cordyceps, and others?

The combination of Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, and various herbal components encapsulated together enhances the effects of psilocybin. Not only do these mushrooms exhibit potential synergy with psilocybin, but they are also renowned for their reputed cognitive benefits. Medicinal mushrooms also have a range of potential health advantages, such as improvements in heart health, blood sugar regulation, and more.

Can I macrodose with microdose capsules?

Yes. You can use microdose capsules to explore the psychedelic effects. For instance, if one capsule contains 250mg, take two capsules to experience subtle effects. You can increase the quantity until you achieve the desired effects. It's necessary to exercise caution and avoid continuous consumption. Wait at least 2 hours before considering a dosage increment. References: 

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