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Increase Your Potential with Shrooms

Not all experiences with magic mushrooms are psychedelic. Traditionally, “trippy mushrooms” have been the perception and category in which they have been placed. But this is not necessarily about a “shrooms trip.” Research is now beginning to reveal that magic mushrooms should be viewed in a whole new light. So, turn on, tune in, and drop in on the benefits of psilocybin mushrooms.

Magic mushrooms could very well change the way many approach learning, adding to our ability to memorize, score highly on exams, and think creatively. Current research is showing that substances in psychedelic mushrooms interact with the hypothalamus region of the brain, raising serotonin levels and also stimulating new connections between regions that were previously unconnected.


Exam Dosing


Shrooming for Study and Before an Exam

Although seemingly “counter-intuitive” timing, and amount dosed, make a big difference between sharpening up or flipping out. Many times, the very thing preventing us from grasping a concept can be personal bias. Small amounts of psilocybin might very well open up the individual to be able to grasp new concepts with greater enthusiasm and interest level, free from the limitations of personal bias. Interest level plays a big part in comprehension and retention.

On the other hand, some report that the effects of dosing magic mushrooms create a major distraction. So, consuming a large dose just before an exam does not correlate to achieving a better grade. However, a smaller dose sometime before an exam may very well yield better test results.


Shrooming After an Exam

If you are looking for a great opportunity to enjoy magic mushrooms, relaxing after an examination may be a perfect time. Mood and setting are pretty important factors for taking magic mushrooms. Finding a relaxing, stress-free place to process all that information you have swimming around in your head might be just the perfect time.



Microdosing refers to the ingestion of sub-perceptual amounts of psilocybin mushrooms. The user has no perception of a psychedelic experience. Instead, a boost in creative processes and seeing connections between one innovation and another is the reason microdosing is gaining in popularity.

The anecdotal evidence is extensive. Heightened energy levels, increased focus, and a greater ability to process information, appear to be greatly augmented. If microdosing is something you want to try, you might consider starting during a less demanding period first and see how it affects you.


Mushrooms Make Connections

Introducing psilocybin into your system creates a hyperconnectivity between areas of your brain and a reorganization of those areas, making connections that hadn’t been achieved before.

The research is promising. If it is found that psilocybin can stimulate neurogenesis; not only repairing damaged cells but also generating new ones, then this is a breakthrough.

It is as yet unclear as to how these processes occur, it is believed that magic mushrooms can rewire the brain, and so may lead to the treatment of depression and other psychological conditions. We may discover that small amounts of psilocybin may improve information processes, memory, comprehension, and mental performance.

More studies are needed, yet difficult to conduct because of the federal regulations and arduous processes.


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