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The Lemon Tek Trip

Lemon Tekking involves letting your dose of psilocybin mushrooms sit in lemon or lime (citrus) for roughly 20 to 25 minutes before you consume it. The claim from those who regularly consume their psilocybin this way is that it concentrates your trip, making it a stronger, albeit shorter trip than consuming dried shrooms without citrus.

For those more experienced, that are interested in making your dose have a greater effect, decreasing your nausea and that odd “body load” sensation, and altering the experience, this might be a way to go. It is reported that Lemon Tekking mimics the acidic breakdown environment of the stomach and may even release psilocin before ingestion. This would explain the accelerated effects.

Prepare Your Lemon Tek

Here is a complete description of the ingredients, equipment and process for preparing your own Lemon Tek. It’s pretty basic.


• A dose of magic mushrooms or truffles (Buy your mushrooms online)

• Fresh lemon or lime juice (2 to 3 per dose)

• Water (optional)


• A Glass

• A sharp knife or coffee grinder

• Cheesecloth or filter paper (optional)

The Process:

• Achieve as fine a powder of your dried magic mushroom dose as possible, with a knife or grinder. The idea is to maximize the exposed surface area of the mushrooms, so a coffee grinder is probably optimal.

• Juice the lemons or limes and pour that over the mushroom powder in the glass, making sure that you have enough juice to cover the mushrooms completely. Allow it to sit for 20 to 25 minutes or so, stirring every 5 minutes. There is a window of time for this process to be optimal. Once the psilocybin breaks down into psilocin, it then can oxidize, which begins breaking down the psilocin. So don’t let it sit too long.

• This is next step is optional. Filter the juice through a cheesecloth or filter paper. This gives you just the juice with no mushroom or chitin material. This process reduces nausea that can come with consuming the chitin (or fibrous tissue of the mushroom), but there is some risk of losing potency too.

• At this point you may either want to add water or tea (not too hot) so that you can sit and sip instead of chugging it down like a shot.

The Lemon Tek Dose

Results may vary, but most feel that lemon trekking is a more intense experience. So, it might be more difficult to know how much of a dose of shrooms to use. If you are new to magic mushrooms, you may try a more conventional method first by consuming dried shrooms. It’s better if you first understand how significant the effects of psilocybin are before you try to enhance their performance.

There are several variables when it comes to the effects, how significant they are, the nature of the experience, how quickly they come on, how long they last, and so on. It may depend on whether you’ve eaten, the mood you’re in, the type of shroom you’ve consumed, or the dose you’ve taken.

Lemon Tekking is a Good Way to Microdose

Microdosing is taking small amounts of psychedelics on a schedule. The intention is not to get high, but to heighten your awareness. Once you figure out the proper dose, factoring in the Lemon Tek effect, this is an efficient way to go.

Lemon Tek vs Tea

Typically, the intention behind drinking magic mushroom tea is for a more relaxed and controlled experience. Lemon Tekking is for those seeking more of an “impactful” experience. Both methods reduce the associated nausea, and to varying degrees, the unpleasant taste. You can also combine the two into a lemon-flavoured tea.

Anything New

As with anything new in the world of psychedelic mushrooms, proceed with both eyes open. Lemon Tekking does decrease nausea and results in a new experience. But if this is your first time, be careful with the dose of shrooms, and you might enlist a trip sitter.

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