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Dubbed “920,” September 20th is a Psychedelic Holiday

On September 20th, 2015, a movement was born. Nicholas Reville sought to build a dialogue that would promote the benefits of psilocybin. Instead of drug laws being determined by stereotypes and disinformation, the goal was to develop a better understanding of the merits of psilocybin based on real science.

Inspired by the marijuana activists that created 420, the holiday of the cannabis culture, Reville hoped that the same awareness could build a culture based on real information, not bias, partisanship, or by those in fear of losing a position of power.

Celebrate 920

Like any holiday, 920 should be embraced and traditions developed. 920 is being promoted by the 920 coalition, whose slogan is “Mushrooms are medicine.” This holiday, unlike the 4/20 marijuana day, is not a day to simply “party.” The coalition is hoping for a different message and a deeper cultural movement.

420 has turned out to be an international counterculture holiday, complete with a political objective of advocating for the legalization of cannabis. The result is mass civil disobedience on an international scale. The 920 commission hopes to re-position psilocybin as a medical and spiritual therapeutic and foster factual dialogue around psychedelics.

Growing Traditions

Holidays need traditions, something that people can look forward to. Usually, the best traditions involve spending time with those people with whom you care the most about and appreciate the most.

We at Zoomies have some ideas. On this 920 holiday, spend time with those closest to you. Over the years you have come to appreciate and enjoy a group of people with whom you trust and know what to expect. You can begin annual traditions to celebrate the 920 holiday:

• Try a psilocybin storytelling circle:

There is no better way to bond with your closest fellow travellers than a storytelling circle. Whether you describe what you are currently experiencing or have a favourite experience you’d like to share, this is one of the best ways to celebrate because it is a time you can truly bond with those that matter the most. You could even turn it into a “psychedelic integration circle.” This involves an experienced facilitator helping people in the group to resolve experiences from past trips.

• A psychedelic movie night:

This is an evening to look forward to every year with some special people. There are quite a few psychedelic documentaries or fantastical movies you can enjoy together. You could all spend your trips together on a few programs that could be both an educational and entertaining way to celebrate 920.

• An annual camping “trip” with fellow psychonauts:

This is a special event. Nature and magic mushrooms go hand in hand. There is no better place to spend some time tripping with friends than in the middle of nature. This just might be the special event everyone looks forward to every year. This is an event where you need to have a trip sitter.

• A Cultivation Workshop:

For those who would prefer to keep adventure to a minimum during a psychedelic experience, a magic mushroom cultivation workshop might be an easier way to celebrate. Taking mushrooms is also safer when you are sure of the source. If you team up with an expert, you can take away some knowledge that will serve you well for growing almost any kind of mushroom.

Zoomies wishes you a most joyous 920 holiday!

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