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We hope that all of your trips are pleasant, and we want to help you keep them that way. But sometimes they may not be, so we’d like to help prepare you for that outcome as well.


Strange sensations, unpleasant hallucinations, or just plain disturbing thoughts can occur when taking any form of hallucinogen. This is frequently referred to as a bad trip. But not all unpleasant experiences necessarily constitute a bad trip. You may find them interesting or even humorous, rather than upsetting, and they may pass relatively quickly.


Magic Mushroom Trip


Are there Bad Mushroom Trips?

It is quite possible to have occasional unpleasant experiences with psychedelic mushrooms, or any hallucinogenic drug, for one reason or another. All hallucinogenic drugs, whether organic or synthetic, have the potential to cause a bad trip. You probably won’t know what a bad trip is until you have experienced one. But there are things you can do to prepare for them. For better or worse, your trip can last as long as 9 to 12 hours.


Possible Reasons for a Bad Trip and What You Might Expect

A bad trip can be anything from a feeling of anxiety or feeling alienated, to experiencing a feeling of complete terror. In general, it is a good idea to first understand that if you are uncomfortable with “parts unknown,” or if you are one that must be in complete control to feel comfortable, it might be best to avoid this journey. If you are inexperienced, we advise you to be with someone you trust who has some experience but is not tripping.


Some conditions that contribute to a bad trip may include:

Being in the wrong place: sometimes where you are has a negative effect. What is going on around you can make it either an unsafe environment, one you aren’t familiar with, or one you aren’t comfortable in.


  • The wrong person: You may have a bad experience if you aren’t with someone you trust, that is nurturing, interested in your well-being, and not tripping.
  • Mindset and internal issues: Resistance is futile, so be open-minded. A closed or rigid mind that is filled with negativity is not a great departure point. Expect that whatever you’re feeling inside, will be accentuated, and even altered.
  • The dose: Taking much more than is necessary for a normal trip based on your size and personal tolerance will probably not result in a pleasant journey.
  • Level of experience: If you are new to this, proceed with caution, not with gusto.
  • Dehydration: You don’t want to be without water. Drink lots of water, before, during the trip and after.
  • Avoid combining substances: Taking weed, alcohol or mixing any other substance with a hallucinogen is not advised.


Magic Mushrooms Bad Trip


How to Manage a Bad Trip


  • Avoid combining substances
  • Be with a trusted friend, not under the influence
  • Relax
  • Understand that your experience is not real
  • Expect a shrooms hangover


A Good Place to Start

There are certainly a lot of very trippy mushrooms. A suitable variety of magic mushroom for beginners is Tampanensis (popular name: Philosopher’s Stone). This is a shroom that produces deep introspective thought. It’s not overwhelming but does provide a visual experience.


Zoomies Has Quality Shrooms and Quality Advice

We want to make sure your journey is a pleasant one. Zoomies have quality people and quality shrooms. We are always there for you.


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