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Is It a Dream Come True or a Nightmare?

First, we should briefly describe the characteristics of both. Then we can discuss whether they are good or bad in combination and why. Psychoactive mushrooms and cannabis are frequently combined among both cannabis and magic mushroom users. Although anecdotal reports can provide information that helps us begin to understand, when you buy your mushrooms online in Canada from Zoomies we can guide you through it.


Answering the question as to what cannabis does is complicated. There are a variety of types of effects from various types of weed. Most modern weed is now a hybrid, meaning that there is a balance between Sativa strains and Indica strains. There are also hybrids of hybrids. Then there are the CBDs. These are cannabinoids that are not psychoactive at all, but more therapeutic.

Depending on the strain of cannabis, what the cannabinol content is and how much you consume, cannabis has been described as mellowing, euphoric, relaxing, stimulating, or energizing.

Cannabis with higher levels of Sativa will deliver a more energizing and “socializing” high, whereas an Indica strain delivers a relaxing “body-buzz.” A cannabis high is definitely an occasion in which the user feels different. Certainly, perspective changes and the user finds their sensory perceptions to be accentuated. The colours are brighter, the music is more beautiful, Humour is more humorous. Users may also notice more disturbing thoughts. Like most psychoactive compounds, cannabis accentuates the mood you bring to it.

Magic Mushrooms:

Magic mushrooms cause the user to feel a kind of energy coursing through their body, specifically, their chest and muscles. One begins to experience clarity of thought, yet from new perspectives, many seem to come from outside of one’s own thought process. Changes in visual surroundings become hallucinations, yet you are aware that they are hallucinations.

There is a reported loss of appetite when dosing magic mushrooms, users also find it difficult to sleep. It is best to prepare for a magic mushroom trip. You might keep a bottle of water nearby and make sure that you are in a place that makes you comfortable (you may be there for a while).


Cannabis and magic mushrooms are similar in some significant ways. They both alter the user’s thought processes and perceptions. Both cannabis and psychedelic mushrooms stimulate creative thought, enhance the appreciation of joy, humour, and the beauty of art and nature.

They can also both bring up some rather unpleasant and rather negative feelings. In both cases, it can be said that there will be an enhancement of whatever mood you bring to it.

Combining the Two

Good Things

There are some positives and some negatives to combing these two substances. The first and overall most noticeable outcome is that the mushrooms will dominate the experience. This fact alone may determine which cannabis you select in tandem with your mushroom trip. You would want them complementing each other and not competing with each other.

If a Sativa strain is added to a magic mushroom trip, it could help to enhance the journey in a positive direction. It can also enhance a more surreal hallucination. If the right strain and the right amount of cannabis is taken, it can also prevent an unpleasant experience.

Users of both cannabis and magic mushrooms will many times smoke weed toward the end of a mushroom trip. This can heighten a lagging tail-end of a trip and make it as enjoyable and as exciting as the come-up.

Not Good Things

During a bad trip, it is a good idea to not be so far out there that you can’t navigate and find calm waters. Sometimes adding cannabis to your magic mushroom trip can confuse you to the point of turning a challenging trip into a deep chaotic nightmare. Cannabis doesn’t always turn a good trip into a great trip. Magic Mushrooms can create clarity and present you with wondrous experiences. Smoking cannabis during these experiences can ruin what was a perfect experience and be quite disappointing. It is generally thought that you should begin your magic mushroom trip without cannabis and rather save it for the latter part of it, or for another time.

Whether to Mix

It’s personal. If you do decide to try it, we suggest a Sativa-dominant strain that has a lower THC content. Adding cannabis can provide quite a beautiful and smooth effect to your trip. But be advised if done improperly or at the wrong time, it can lead to some pretty dark times that reduce your ability to appreciate the benefits of a productive psilocybin trip.

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