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One of the most popular magic mushroom recipes, and a great way to store and enjoy your magic mushrooms, is called “Blue Honey.” As the name describes, this process uses honey (or agave, for vegans) to not only store your magic mushrooms safely but also affords you a great tasting way to consume them. Normally, not many people enjoy the taste of magic mushrooms, so this is a truly tasty, long-term solution.

The basic idea is that you pour honey over your mushrooms and store them for several months. The mushroom compounds eventually infuse into the honey and turn it blue, thus the term “blue honey.”

Here’s How You Make Blue Honey

What you’ll need:

• An airtight glass jar: This container is for your final mixture

• A sharp knife: To maximize potency, you should cut up the mushrooms as finely as possible.

• A coffee grinder: This is even better. Instead of a sharp knife, you could use a coffee grinder. This maximizes the “mushroom surface area to honey ratio.”


• To avoid fermentation and degradation (removing potency), your mushrooms should be bone dry.

• Liquid honey. You want it runny and not solid or thick.


• Cut up or grind your dried mushrooms (finely)

• In your airtight jar, start with a layer of mushrooms, then pour some honey over it, then another layer of mushrooms, then repeat until the jar is full. You can decide the ratio depending on your desired potency. The honey should not be heated, just runny. Another way of doing this is to mix up your mushrooms and honey in a separate bowl and then pour the mixture into the jar. This method ensures that the blue honey is well mixed and not layered. It depends on how you want to serve it.

• Now comes the waiting. Seal the jar and place it in a cool, dark, and dry location and keep it there for 1 to 4 months. If you leave it there long enough, the psilocybin will infuse into the honey and turn it blue, so be patient.

• When it is time to enjoy your concoction, we advise caution. You can’t be sure of the potency, and if you’ve done it right, it should be potent. Try a teaspoon first and see what happens.

Naturally Preserved

Honey has been used as a natural preservative for thousands of years. So, this makes good sense. For you vegans, agave keeps just as well as honey and produces the same results, as long as you seal it well and keep it in a dark, dry place.

High amounts of sugar in the form of monosaccharides, fructose and glucose, remove water from bacteria and yeast cells that would otherwise be a contaminant. A process of osmosis draws out the water and protects the mixture. If the mixture is sealed, it shouldn’t go bad. It lasts a very long time and is why this method is such a valuable way to store your shrooms.

Blue Honey Shelf Life

Providing that your magic mushrooms were dry when you mixed them in, and you are following the proper rules for storage in a cool and dry place, then this mixture could conceivably last forever. That said, you may want to check it periodically, as long as you keep it sealed, to make sure it still tastes good.

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