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What You Can Expect

Once you have ingested shrooms, your journey should begin in about 30 minutes. It does vary depending upon how you consume them. You may choose to consume them on their own, fresh, or dried. You could mix them with food, or steep them in hot water or tea. If tea is your choice, you may feel effects as soon as 5 to 10 minutes. Buy magic mushrooms from Zoomies and you can try different consumption methods until you find one that works for you.


The Duration of the Journey

A psychedelic mushroom trip typically lasts 4 to 6 hours. For some, it could be longer. Many people only consider the actual trip to encompass the entire experience. The actual effects of shrooms are more extensive and potentially more profound than just the trip.

There is also a period after the “trip” is over that is sometimes referred to as “The Afterglow Effect” or the “the sparkle period.” This is an effect that is not always experienced by those consuming shrooms and can last anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks. This period can produce either ever-decreasing symptoms or a period in which the person notices increased sensitivity and wonderment in the world around them. For others, this period may even result in a transformation, or a shift of perception sometimes referred to as a “spiritual emergence.” If the individual is sensitive to their perceptions during this period, although not as dramatic, this experience can be significant.


Drug Test Detection

The period that psilocybin mushrooms can be detected in your system varies. There are several answers to the question of detection, that is because there are several different ways to test for substances. Some tests are more sensitive than others. These tests are more specialized and vary as to the length of time that each can detect a substance.

The most common of the tests is a urinalysis and could be described as a “gatekeeper.” Most people can eliminate mushrooms in 24 hours, but there are exceptions as research has shown that trace amounts may be detected for as long as a week afterwards.

Generally, magic mushrooms don’t show up on most routine drug tests. Unless the test is conducted within a few hours of consumption, the body metabolizes magic mushrooms too fast for them to be revealed in blood or saliva.

Hair follicle testing is by far the most sensitive, albeit costly. Since each hair follicle is fed by a blood vessel, every substance you’ve ingested for the past 3 months is detected, depending on what substance the test is being screened for.


The Factors of Detection

Several factors affect the length of time magic mushrooms remain in your system.

Timing: Depending on the test being performed, a hallucinogen leaves the body quickly and so, is not often detected.

Mushroom species: With 75 to 200 different species of psilocybin mushroom, there is a variance in potency between them. There are also different potencies from shroom to shroom. The more potent the shroom, the longer the hallucinogen will stay in the body.

The Method used: The way you consume your shrooms will affect the potency and how long it remains in your system. Method of consumption is definitely a factor, whether you are eating raw shrooms, steeping them in tea, crumbling them on a pizza, and so forth.

Dose: The amount you consume (and by that we mean psilocybin since there is a variance in potency from shroom to shroom) determines the length of time the substance stays in your system.

Age: Age is also a factor. This is because the performance of your body determines its ability to expel psilocybin. As your body ages, liver, and liver functions slow down.

Body type: Everyone’s metabolism is different. Substances are processed at different rates for everyone. Your BMI (body mass index), metabolism, and water content, all determine how quickly things pass through, or how much they show up.

What you ate: The term “get in line” can apply here. The more food and liquid are in your stomach, the longer the shrooms will show up in your system. Drinking water and staying hydrated, does speed up psilocybin expulsion.


Zoomies Has Your Answers

We at Zoomies Canada want to make sure we keep you informed of the journey ahead. Knowing what the results of actions are before you take them, is important. We want to provide information to you that will help you prepare for your journey.


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