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A psilocybin or magic mushroom is a polyphyletic (coming from multiple ancestral sources) fungal group, containing the hallucinogen psilocybin (and psilocin, upon ingestion).

A psilocybin mushroom trip is roughly the same as that which goes on during an LSD trip, only there is a bit of a different “feel” to it. Both psilocybin and psilocin, the two psychedelic compounds in magic mushrooms, and LSD are agonists (chemicals that activate a receptor) throughout our brain and body.

The Effect on the Human Body

Recent studies have shown that using psilocybin may free the mind. Psilocybin may hold the potential to help relieve severe anxiety and depression.

It has been difficult for researchers to accurately identify exactly what magic mushrooms can and can’t do, chiefly because they have been classified as a schedule 1 narcotic, and historically have officially been considered to have no accepted medical use.

Some things we do know, however. For one, magic mushrooms make you feel good. Producing effects by interacting with neural highways that use the neurotransmitter serotonin, affecting the brain’s prefrontal cortex (a part of the brain that regulates abstract thinking, thought analysis, and is closely linked with mood and perception).

What is a Magic Mushroom Trip Like?

The lesser to average dose may simply cause distortion of what you perceive with your senses, but at higher doses, what are referred to as spiritual doses, more intense hallucinations can occur, completely immersing the tripper in a psychedelic world.

At first, or with lower doses, the high is similar to a Sativa dominant strain of cannabis. First, the clearness of objects around you becomes stronger. Objects begin to become vivid and saturated with colour. Then euphoria builds to a point where you can laugh at little or nothing. Sound begins to echo, and you may not even recognize that the sound ever existed at all. Flavours either become more intense and exotic, or they can completely change as you are consuming them.

Then you might close your eyes and notice geometric patterns that continue covering objects you see when you open your eyes. As the veil between the conscious and subconscious falls away, another train of thought takes over, sometimes it even splits into two separate sequences of thought, occurring simultaneously.

Close your eyes and experience fully life-like dreams as your mind and your senses experience the stories your subconscious presents to you. Many who embark on this psychedelic journey gain a better perspective on their approach to life. Some can converse with beings from higher realms, or different dimensions.

How you Can Prepare

Realize that each person’s experience differs. That should affect your initial dose decision as you find what is right for you. You should then decide on the level you’d like to achieve. Is it going to be a deep dive into your subconscious mind, or do you simply want a nice relaxing experience with enhanced colours and interesting images to look at?

Then there’s “set and setting.” Make sure you select a safe and calm tripping environment, so you don’t freak out. Your state of mind is a big part of this. Get rid of all anxiety-producing elements, people, situations, schedules, etc. Pick a situation that you know you’ll be okay, no matter what happens. Enlist the help of a trip sitter. This should be a calm accepting friend, preferably one who has had a magic mushroom experience of their own but stays straight during your experience.

A Bad Trip Scenario

Whether this is your first time buying and consuming magic mushrooms, or you simply find that the effect of your dose is too intense, the Trip Stopper 3000 can help. It lessens the effects of a bad trip and makes for a smooth come down. Keep Trip Stopper 3000 within reach and enjoy the ride. Here’s what you do:

  1. Take two white maltodextrin tabs to lessen the trip effects
  2. Take two dark valerian capsules to relax
  3. Eat a savoury food
  4. Know that the feeling will soon pass, so stay calm and breathe slowly.

We always advise new trippers to have a trusted person with them who is not tripping. If you have more questions please call or write us Zoomies Canada – Shrooms online today!.

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