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7 Magic Mushroom Recipes

Adding the magic of mushrooms to a recipe is a great way to dose. Unless, or until you’ve acquired it, we have 7 great recipes for you to try.

1.  Mushroom Sesame Balls

Here’s an easy holistic approach to a healthy food favourite. These sesame balls are a handy snack and a perfect way to dose.

What you need:

The magic mushroom of your choice (powdered)

Twice the amount of whole sesame seeds than your dose of shrooms

Fine honey

A pinch of salt

What you do:

Use a frying pan on medium-high to toast your sesame seeds until they start to pop, then pour them into a bowl to cool. Portion some of the seeds out for a separate step, and blend some until you see about 30% whole seeds, then add the mushroom powder and blend some more, then pour that mixture into a bowl. Add a dash of salt and enough honey to create a clay or paste consistency. Roll the mixture into 1-inch balls, then roll them over the sesame seeds you set aside. Tightly seal the balls in a container and keep them in a cool place.

2.  Honey Mushrooms

Another very simple yet delicious dish using honey is honey mushrooms.

What you need:

Honey and magic mushrooms.

What you do:

With coarsely chopped mushrooms, either fresh and dried, or fresh and still hydrated, pack them loosely into a jar (that you can fit your fingers into). Pour in the honey to the top. Seal it with a secure lid and place the jar in a cool dark place for about a month or so. At that point, they should be ready for consumption. When you have ultimately emptied the jar of honey mushrooms you can always sop up the remaining honey with more mushrooms.

3.  Mushghurt

This is a tasty mixture of mushrooms and yogurt, and a smooth way to dose. It’s one of those “necessity is the mother of invention” combos. Move over peanut butter and jelly!

What you do:

Dice up your magic mushrooms and add them to your favourite yogurt. You might try fruit yogurt for a distinct fruity flavour and chunks of fruit that blend well with the chunks of mushrooms. This one is a real guilt-free pleasure.

4.  Mushroom Jello

There’s always room for Jello… and mushrooms.

What you need:

Magic mushrooms

1 packet of Jello


What you do:

Heat 2 cups of water to just below the boiling point. Remove the water from the heat and steep your shrooms for a few minutes. Use that water, after straining out the mushrooms, to mix with your favourite Jello. For increased potency, stir in the Jello mixture with the diced mushrooms before it starts to set (about 1.5 hours after you’ve begun the refrigeration process.

5.  Chocolate-Dipped Peanut Butter Balls

This adds festivity to a classic combo.

What you need:

Magic mushrooms

¼ cup of peanut butter

1 to 2 Tbsp. of powdered sugar

Chocolate chips

What you do:

Grind your dose of mushrooms in a blender or coffee grinder. Add 1 to 2 Tbsps of powdered sugar to your peanut butter and mix until it is stiff like dough. Divide this mixture into quarters and roll into balls. Melt chocolate chips in a shallow dish. Roll the mushroom/peanut butter balls in the melted chocolate. Place the chocolate-covered balls on paper cupcake cups or wax paper and place them in the frig.

6.  Magic Mushroom Fruit Smoothie

This adds festivity to a classic combo.

What you need:

Magic mushrooms

Frozen fruit or ice with fresh fruit

Pulpy orange juice e.g. HEB or a variant

Apple juice


What you do:

Place a couple of grams of mushrooms in a blender with the ingredients above. If your mushrooms are fresh and dried you can grind them up before placing them in the blender, if they are still hydrated, you can simply blend them in the blender. Enjoy your psychedelic smoothie.

7.  Magic Mushroom Jacket Potato

This is a new spin on a great classic munchie

What you need:

Potatoes (try King Edwards)

Your favourite topping

Dried Mint

Ground fresh dried mushrooms

Butter or margarine

What you do:

Bake your potato in a 200 0 C oven for 20 minutes. Then turn your oven down to 180C until the inside is soft and the skin is crispy. Cut a cross shape on the top of the potato and squeeze, then add butter or margarine. Sprinkle chopped magic mushrooms on the potato. Top with the dried mint, and any other toppings that suit you.

While you’re buying magic mushrooms online, we’d love to hear about your favourite magic mushroom dish. Contact Zoomies Canada and let us know.

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