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Huautla brings an enjoyable mushroom experience to the table. With its highly potent psychedelic effects and smooth euphoria, any consumer would be glad to try it. Especially medical patients should give this a shot thanks to the great therapeutic benefits. Huautla can improve your mood and creativity substantially, effectively relieving your anxiety and depression instantly.

This mushroom strain comes from the lands of Mexico, near the Huautla de Jiminez village in the Oaxaca Region. It a has long and skinny stalk, with a conic-to-hemispheric cap. The impression it gives off is that of an unassuming and innocent mushroom without a bit of psychedelia inside. Appearances can be deceiving, though, since Huautla is extremely potent in its own right. You’ll see this when you give it a shot!

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Hautla magic mushrooms are well-known for being a favourite among psychonauts. Their extensive history and unmatched quality make them a “must-try” mushroom for novice and experienced psilocybin fans. Like most highly regarded mushrooms, Huautla magic mushrooms are praised for their capacity to provide intensely focused trips that leave spiritual seekers feeling victorious.

About Hautla Mushrooms


Take a dosage of between 1 and 1.5 grams if you’re starting. For more experienced users, 2.5 grams is the recommended dosage. 3 to 4 grams is the average dosage for a spiritual journey. A high dose is when you exceed 4 grams.

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