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How Psychedelics Influence the Psychedelic Journey

There are several ways to attain mental growth and Spirituality. One very effective tool is proving to be the use of psychedelics. Your own intention is a big part of it. The drug itself doesn’t contain the message or the truth. It serves as more of a key to unlock what you hold in your own mind. You can start by determining your intention. Do you want to recreate or explore deeper levels of consciousness? Do you want to simply enjoy music, or go deeper into meditative exploration?

Psychedelics can allow us to simply enjoy ourselves or show us deeper meanings behind our way of thinking and our behaviour. Those whose intentions are to break through barriers and find an alternate route, such as exploring the benefits of magic mushroom delivery in Canada, can experience profound growth both in thought processes and spiritually.

The Unconscious Mind (Set)

Your psychedelic journey is determined by your unconscious mind. The trip you take will be influenced by your life experiences, your values, your inhibitions, and your ambitions.

Some of these are unpleasant truths, but they also steer the trip. Accepting and assessing these truths with objectivity will help you move forward. Resisting them can produce undesirable results. Honest acknowledgement goes a long way.

The Current Situation (Setting)

Where you are physically is important to feeling centred and secure, so that you can take your journey safely. The environment you are in also has a significant effect on your experience. Finding your center of the universe, or simply finding a peaceful natural setting is a great way to begin your spiritual journey as you direct your focus inward.

Your Motivation

Your motivation is your intention. What is your intention? This is everything. Are you simply in search of a good time or are you looking for a deep and meaningful exploration of yourself, and to learn some lessons? The use of psychedelics can help you gain access to your innermost thoughts.


You are certainly doing yourself no favours by lying to yourself. In this realm, there is no place to hide. That can be very scary to some. But if you are seeking real growth, you must accept the truth of yourself.


Follow-through is a result of your honesty and your real intention. You have probably heard that psychedelic drugs are considered a somewhat risky shortcut to enlightenment. They are not. They are a useful tool to unlock areas that you can gain access to so that you may explore your innermost thoughts. Following through on these insights is what determines your true character. If you do not follow through, you may regress, and you may experience damaging contradictions in your life.


It has taken years of time to build your current set of values and ethics. It will require discipline to act on the lessons you are learning on your journey in order to change your direction. Once you discover who you really are, commit to becoming that person.

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