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Earthly Delights – Candy Flip


Take your traditional LSD or MDMA trip and flip it on its head. While both substances are fantastic
in isolation, the combination of the two is truly something special. Each Candy Flip chocolate bar is
meticulously dosed with lab-grade LSD and MDMA, so you can dial-in your preferred level of mind-melting
fun with the utmost confidence.

Candy Flipping was first popularized within the rave movement going back to the late ’80s. Fast-forward to today, where seekers
and partygoers continue to revel in the glow of these two remarkable compound. Users often describe immense
feelings of love and interconnectedness, paired with compelling visual projections, including: colour enhancement, object
morphing, and intricate geometric patterns.

Made with high quality columbian cacao, each six-segment bar contains:

MDMA – 350 mg | 60 mg per Segment
LSD – 350 mcg (micrograms) | 50 mg per Segment

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Earthly Delights

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