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Another great strain from Thailand; locals say it’s good luck to see a pink buffalo – we think if you are seeing pink buffaloes it’s probably a pretty good day! In nature this strain requires more light and other specimen. They also thrive in a very humid climate, similar to that of Thailand.

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Pink Buffalo mushrooms are one of Thailand’s best strains of Cubensis mushrooms. Local legend states that they came from a mythical Pink Buffalo. They are very powerful and can lead to profound spiritual experiences. So, if you try this strain once, you’ll definitely want to come back for more.


This strain has a distinctive appearance. The caps are broad, and the stems are stout when they are young. These caps have a dark red-brown-golden hue that is not found anywhere else. They frequently form groups of three to seven as they grow.


Like all Cubensis strains, Pink Buffalo is also known to have the active hallucinogenic ingredient psilocybin. Psilocybin is often used in studies for treatment-resistant depression and other disorders like anxiety, substance abuse, etc. Even in small doses, psilocybin can induce beneficial effects like improved concentration and focus, better mood, enhanced creativity, and social awareness.

If you are interested in finding the benefits of cubensis, dive into the world of Pink Buffalo. You can experiment with microdosing (no psychoactive effects) to recreational doses.


This cannabis kind has a reputation for providing a powerful initial high. The Pink Buffalo mushroom trip can begin shortly after ingestion (depending on the dose). The combination of vivid imagery and a euphoric state of the body makes this an excellent experience. Inwardly, you will feel more peace and contentment than any other strain.

As well as having several distinct physiological effects, it will also impact one’s disposition, thought patterns, and overall perspective. At high enough doses, it can provide euphoria, insight, and even intriguing hallucinations of the visual variety. The amount consumed can change all these outcomes. Regular users can experience euphoria for both recreational and spiritual purposes. While experts recommend starting with high doses of Pink Buffalo mushrooms, novices can enjoy a mild psychedelic experience with low to medium quantities.


There are around six accepted dose levels for psilocybin. Beginners should begin with a low dose that is sufficient to induce hallucinations. Users with more experience can then try medium or high doses. Above the huge dose comes the “heroic dose,” which is sufficient to be almost mind-blowing; partial dissolution of the ego is probable, a genuinely perilous but potentially gratifying ordeal of epic proportions. And more diminutive than the starting dose is the microdose. It is too tiny to induce hallucinations but can be used therapeutically to enhance mood and promote insight.

Doses of dried mushrooms are always significantly smaller than their fresh counterparts.

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Psilocybe cubensis, a strain of Pink Buffalo, was first discovered in Thailand. A web search for “pink buffalo animal” will witness this account’s plausibility; the man who gave the term its name and helped make it famous worldwide supposedly discovered the mushrooms in a field where a pink buffalo was grazing.

The history of the strain is extraordinary. That’s because it’s one of the strains that a renowned mycologist studied. John Allen discovered this cubensis and other mushrooms like the Burmese and Cambodian strains. He even has a strain named after him due to his dedication to his job.

He discovers it during one of his adventures in Thailand. Allen said he was on his way to Phang Ka beach and pulled over rice paddies. He saw a pink buffalo and followed the dung pile until he found the mushroom we know today. After which, the strain was cultivated and traded worldwide. You can find high-quality Pink Buffalo online from reputable dispensaries like ours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are other magic mushroom strains that originated from Thailand?

If you are a fan of Thailand strains of P. cubensis like Pink Buffalo, you’ll be more excited when you find out that other strains originated in Southeast Asia, like Koh Samui, Allen Strain, and Elephant cubensis

Why should I buy shrooms from online dispensaries?

Some people like to grow shrooms, but it takes patience and time. Meanwhile, others will try to contact a dealer to meet up with them so they can discreetly purchase shrooms. Buying online is the best way to access psilocybin mushrooms without waiting for them to grow or leaving your house to get your orders.

When you buy online from trusted dispensaries like Zoomies Canada, you get a wide selection of products, multiple discounts and sales, fast delivery, convenience, and 24/7 availability. You can easily add your item to your cart, checkout, pay for your order, and wait for them to get delivered to your doorstep. So, buying online is better for all the advantages you can enjoy.

Is magic mushroom good for increasing productivity at work?

Studies show the effects of using psilocybin, the active component, on increasing a person’s productivity. In a research study, the volunteers discovered that the microdosing made social interactions simpler and reported a rise in happy emotions. Many participants claimed that microdosing increased their productivity and gave them more energy while enabling them to focus more clearly. They also mentioned additional advantages of microdosing, including favourable impacts on interpersonal relationships.

Although the study on microdosing and its effects on productivity is still in its infancy, some people claim that microdosing is effective. With that being said, this shows a promising future for everyone who wants to stay focused on a single task.

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