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This magical strain delivers an altered reality that produces more physical and spatial effects, with relaxing head and body sensations at smaller doses, and more significant warping of balance at higher doses. An excellent choice for beginners who might be wary of an overly intense hallucinogenic journey, this strain can produce results that feel closer to the effects of strong cannabis edibles. This strain is going to feel like you went to an amusement park all day, and the world is feeling a bit wonky, due to its tendency to impact balance. You will feel a new level of stoned, so first timers should be careful with dosing. We recommend friends, pets, cuddles and a heavy blanket for this strain. Chill out in the evening with this strain or go deep into a meditative state, as it’s not going to make you want to bounce around. The relaxing sensation will run deep in your body. Bit of a longer come up with this one, taking about an hour and lasting 5-6 hours.

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Are you interested in experiencing a better mood, enhancing your visual and auditory perception, and having a spiritual experience? Alacabenzi magic mushrooms are your ticket to try unique and otherworldly visuals and hallucinations, giving a head and body sensation that ranges from relaxing and mild to an intense experience.

About the Product

If you want to try Alacabenzi magic mushrooms, use a dose that will meet your desired effect. For mellow results, take small amounts, but for spiritual or shamanic experience, you can increase your usual dose. The correct dose will depend on desired effects, experience, body weight, metabolism, etc. It is always best to start low for beginners (1.75 grams and below). We offer a dried version of Alacabenzi, which you can use in multiple ways. You can ingest them directly, add them to your meal, or make a tea or lemon Tek.


Alacabenzi cubensis has been shown to improve levels of stress and anxiety, reduce symptoms of depression, and increase openness. In general, magic mushrooms, active ingredients including the compound psilocybin, offer plenty of health benefits. These benefits are all backed up by studies, and scientists are still looking for answers to how these Alacabenzi mushrooms or Psilocybe cubensis have the potential to evoke such profoundly positive health effects on humans.

    • Increase Openness
      Researchers discovered that mushrooms might contribute to the ability to grow, connect, and be more accepting of one another. Researchers reported significant gains in openness after high-dose of psilocybin sessions.


    • Cessation in Smoking and Other Substances
      The fact that mushrooms can be used to treat addiction makes them incredibly beneficial. Addictions to substances like cocaine and nicotine are frequently treated with mushrooms. Researchers looked into the use of psilocybin psychotherapy to treat drug addiction.


    • Mental Health Treatment
      The use of mushrooms and how they affect serotonin receptors in the brain to cause a variety of consciousness-altering effects are both explained by modern neuroscience. It makes the case that mushrooms can be extremely helpful in treating mental illnesses.


  • Growth of New Brain Cells
    An experiment with mice found that psilocybin helps them overcome their fear and promotes the growth of new brain cells that perhaps erase memories of the fear response.


Beginners can indulge in this strain if they are looking to try mushrooms for the first time. In low doses, Alacabenzi mushroom effects can produce a relaxing sensation with a few visuals that aren’t overwhelming. Higher doses, made for experts, have similar effects to strong cannabis edibles. Visuals are not much dominant, but it causes twisted reality, difficulty in physical balance (twisting of balance), hyperspatial sensation, mystical experience, and revelatory feelings.

The effects of the psilocybin will take around 10 to 40 minutes, depending on the body’s dosage, metabolism and physiology. In general, it can last for five to six hours. We recommend finding a cozy, relaxing environment to savour every moment with this strain.


Alacabenzi is one of the beginner-friendly shrooms online that you can try. It is theorized to be a cross between the popular strain Golden Teacher and Psilocybe Mexicana. Its moderate potency is derived from its parent mushrooms.

This strain came to light in the early 2000s and became one of the favourite strains due to its mild to moderate effects and fewer hallucinations. It has mid-size caps with long stems and a fruiting body that’s relatively standard in its size.



What is the best way to enjoy Alacabenzi mushrooms?

There are different ways you can enjoy this strain. If you want, you can always begin by ingesting them directly. But if you’re going to mask the taste of it, you can crush your dried mushroom and make a tea or try Lemon Tek.

What is the correct dose for a first-time user?

There are guides you can use to trip with magic mushrooms, but in reality, the best way to try them is always to start low. If you are a beginner, try doses around 1 g, you can already feel some effects, but they are manageable. You can increase your quantity on your next trip if desired.

How will I know if the Psilocybe cubensis is safe to use?

The best way to know is to read magic mushrooms or Alacabenzi cubensis reviews online. You’ll know that the dispensary sells a safe product and that they source their items from expert growers. You can also contact customer service for further clarifications.


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