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Albino Zilla

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A cross between a classic Albino A+ and Great White Monster. Albino Zilla is a representation of one of the new great strains created with the recent resurgence and interest in psychedelics and plant medicine. This true Albino strain is grown in near complete darkness.

The Albino Zilla mushrooms are thick and sturdy. The colours are completely ghostly white with some dark bruising. The stems are shorter and the caps are relatively large. The caps are beautifully spread open.

Please note that each strain may have different effects depending on the person who consumes. The set and setting is very important in what type of journey you will embark on. The amount you consume is also very important in the type of experience you will have. Always remember these are sacred plant medicines, use with respect and she will teach you many things.

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Albino Zilla

Albino Zilla results from crossbreeding the classic Albino A+ and Great White Monster strains. Fusing the two Albino varieties yields a robust and potent mushroom with a well-balanced profile. These mushrooms feature a powerful build with a ghostly white colour, highlighted by faint dark bruises. They have notably short stems and comparatively large caps that gracefully open up to display their beauty.

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