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Psilocybin Creates Positive Change

There is now solid evidence that magic mushrooms provide emotional relief. Researchers at the Psychiatric University Hospital of Zurich have confirmed that the psilocin, produced by psilocybin when metabolized in our digestive system, interacts with the amygdala in the brain. The amygdala is key to human awareness and its emotional apparatus. Emotional disorders can result when malfunctioning occurs in the amygdala. Magic mushrooms, and the compounds they provide, can correct this condition.

Psychedelic mushrooms interact with an “overactive” amygdala, preventing harmful feelings and negative emotions that can override positive feelings. Psilocin intervenes by stimulating serotonin production and reception, causing feelings of well-being and elation.

Modern science seems to finally be catching up with what our ancestors have known for thousands of years. We are just now beginning to understand the interaction between our bodies and psilocybin mushrooms, and how it can create positive change.


Beneficial Results Despite Dosage

There is definitive MRI evidence that beneficial brain transformations and positive changes took place regardless of the amounts of psilocybin administered. Even when high doses were given, patients reporting any negative experiences found that those negative experiences were temporary and ultimately turned into positive changes in their daily life. All participants experienced improvements in mood and began to connect more with other people.

After only one ingestion, every member of the trial showed measurable improvements mentally and socially. These improvements were observed by close family, friends, and acquaintances.


Improving the Way You Think

When the limbic parts of the brain are balanced, consuming magic mushrooms can directly change stagnant thinking. The way the brain processes information changes, and the brain finds new connections and pathways. A non-deluded clarity can then allow for more honest and self-aware thought processes. The ability to connect mystically and gain alternate perspectives has previously been nearly impossible for those not practiced in eastern spirituality. Many questions can now be answered from an unbiased viewpoint by opening our minds to mushrooms and accepting our thoughts in alternate ways so that mental healing can begin.

Many professionals are now microdosing psychedelics like magic mushrooms to improve their performance, think more creatively, and improve their ability to work well with other team members. In this way, magic mushrooms are entering the mainstream.


Safe Haven

The risk involved with dosing magic mushrooms has more to do with finding safe access or a safe source, and a safe haven for the experience. There are no significant physical hazards, nor any lasting mental conditions associated with ingesting magic mushrooms. There may be initial discomforts, but that will pass, and the benefits will remain, but there are no instances reported or recorded of a damaging effect on the user. You may want to start out with a lower dose and call in a favour by asking an experienced friend who agrees to stay sober, to sit with you. That way you can feel good with no risk.


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