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The surge of psilocybin use led to a proliferation of magic mushroom products akin to cannabis in the market. While dried mushrooms remain a prevalent option, mushroom chocolate bars are gaining traction by offering a diverse selection and a palatable means of ingesting shrooms.

Beyond the delicious chocolate flavour, what unique benefits do chocolate magic mushrooms bring? Could the combination of these two ingredients deliver an experience that surpasses the consumption of dried magic mushrooms on its own?

Key Takeaways:

  • Cacao in chocolates and shrooms has a long history that spans thousands of years.
  • Psilocybin in shrooms induces the hallucinogenic effects that one experiences when consuming a shroom chocolate bar.
  • Chocolate shrooms reduce the risk of nausea and improve the overall taste of shrooms.
Mushroom chocolate in Canada

The Origin of Shrooms and Chocolate

Both magic mushrooms and cacao have ancient origins, their histories intertwined with the human experience across cultures and time. Generations past and present have recognized their profound effects on the food system, soul, mind, and body. Some speculate that magic mushrooms trace back to prehistoric times, potentially playing a role in human evolution. Historians suggest they were integral to the arts of African and European civilizations millennia ago.

Cacao’s journey spans over 5,000 years, with its domestication in South America. Revered by Aztec, Mayan, and other ancient societies for their perceived health-enhancing properties, both magic mushrooms and cacao have evolved into staples of households and holistic practices. Combining them into products like magic mushroom chocolate offers a unique advantage to those passionate about natural health and wellness.

Cacao is a towering evergreen tree primarily thriving in equatorial regions like South America, Africa, and Asia. Its peculiar fruit, known as a “pod,” emerges directly from the tree trunk, each harbouring a bounty of 20 to 60 cocoa beans. Cacao transforms into cocoa after the fat extraction process from the ground beans. This resulting powder serves as a fundamental ingredient in the creation of chocolates.

How Does Chocolate Shroom Work?

Ego Dissolution

The active component in magic shrooms, psilocybin, is a fascinating gateway into altered states of consciousness. Upon ingestion, psilocybin undergoes conversion into psilocin within the body. This compound then binds to serotonin receptors that can initiate profound shifts in brain function.

Psilocin’s impact extends to the default mode network (DMN), a collection of interconnected brain regions responsible for tasks such as abstract thinking, introspection, and envisioning the future. By disrupting this network, psilocin facilitates a dissolution of the ego.

In a study from the Human Brain Mapping publication, participants received either a placebo or psilocybin before undergoing MRI scans to monitor brain activity. Those who ingested psilocybin reported experiencing ego dissolution, a sensation paralleled by disruptions in the salience network responsible for processing and filtering external stimuli. These participants noted heightened feelings of connection with nature and a diminished preoccupation with the self that results in improved well-being.

Nerve Growth

They discovered that within a mere 24-hour timeframe, a single administration of the substance led to a notable enhancement in the quantity and size of spines within this specific brain region. These alterations remained apparent for a minimum of one month.

This groundbreaking research, conducted by scientists from Yale University, noticed that psilocybin not only surges the number of neuronal connections by 10% but also enlarges them by about 10% on average. The enduring alterations triggered by a single dose of psilocybin were genuinely surprising. These newly formed connections might represent the brain’s structural adaptations to encode fresh experiences.

The authors speculate on the possibility that other swiftly acting antidepressant medications might similarly induce rapid and enduring “synaptic rewiring” within the brain. They highlight the temporal alignment of the changes observed with psilocybin and ketamine, with both substances prompting a swift escalation in the number of dendritic spines within the frontal cortex.

Reduces Blood Pressure

Cacao can enhance the effects of psychedelic mushrooms by acting as a vasodilator, which essentially means it widens the blood vessels and reduces blood pressure. When considering the consumption of psychedelic mushrooms, this heightened blood flow may promote the body’s absorption of the substance’s more active components.

What Does Whole Bar Shroom Chocolate Offers?

Reducing the Risk of Nausea

Nausea often accompanies the consumption of magic mushrooms due to their chemical composition and factors such as the user’s physical and mental condition. Some attribute this discomfort to compounds like mushrooms’ chitin. Opting for chocolate-infused shrooms significantly mitigates the likelihood of experiencing nausea.

Improved Digestibility

Shroom edibles offer easier digestion than dry mushrooms, which can have a challenging texture. While some consumers opt for methods like the Lemon Tek or mushroom tea brewing to address this, chocolate presents a more appealing alternative by providing both ease of digestion and enjoyable flavour.

Enhanced Taste Experience

Chocolate-infused mushrooms offer a palatable solution to the sometimes unpleasant taste of raw mushrooms. They also reduce the early onset of nausea or vomiting, and the delightful flavour makes ingestion far more enjoyable.

Simplified Microdosing

Magic mushroom chocolate bars facilitate microdosing with convenience and flair to align with the increasing popularity of microdosing. If you seek the therapeutic benefits of psilocybin without enduring hallucinogenic effects or committing to lengthy shamanic rituals, microdosing with chocolate mushrooms provides an ideal solution.

How to Enjoy Shroom Chocolates

Eating shroom chocolates in small or large doses directly is not the only method for experiencing the effects of these psilocybin products. An alternative way to savour their effects is by integrating them into uncomplicated recipes.

Ingredients:Bright Future Milk Chocolate 3000mg4 cups of milk 1 cup of premium chocolate chips or chopped pieces from brands1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract.A pinch salt Ingredients:1 cup Mastermind Fungi Bar Original1-2 Tbsp pure maple syrup 1 Tbsp virgin coconut oil1 tsp reishi powder1 tsp lion’s mane powdersaltDried rose petals, nuts or fruity pebbles
Instructions:In a medium saucepan, gather the milk, chocolate chips, vanilla extract, Bright Future chocolate bar, and, if desired, a pinch of salt. Over medium-low heat, whisk them together until the chocolate melts and the mixture achieves a smooth consistency. Instructions:Place the chocolate bar, maple syrup, and coconut oil in a double boiler. Stir the mixture often during this process.After melting the chocolate concoction, turn off the heat and gently incorporate the reishi and lion’s mane powders.To gauge sweetness, sample the mixture and adjust the amount of maple syrup to your liking.If desired, scatter dried rose petals, nuts, or fruit pebbles into the silicone mould before pouring the chocolate mixture.Allow the filled moulds to chill in the fridge for 30-45 minutes until the chocolate sets.Carefully remove the solidified mushroom-infused chocolates from the mould.For storage, keep the chocolates in the fridge or indulge in them immediately.


Magic mushroom chocolate bars present a fresh approach to ingesting shrooms by providing a more palatable avenue for experiencing their effects. Available through various channels like online magic mushroom dispensaries, cannabis boutique stores, and smoke shops, these edibles offer convenience and accessibility. These delectable treats invite exploration and enjoyment whether you consume them directly or experiment with creative recipes.

or experiment with creative recipes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I consume chocolate mushrooms sublingually?

Unlike traditional ingestion methods, sublingual administration allows for rapid absorption of psilocybin into the bloodstream. This approach is simple, nonintrusive, and well-tolerated by the body. It bypasses initial metabolic processes and facilitates swift circulation throughout the system.

Most mushroom chocolates contain Golden Teacher (GT). GT shroom is the classic strain of P. cubensis in the magic mushroom fungal kingdom, beloved by many shroom enthusiasts for its reputed effects. While laboratory tests often classify GT as having average potency, do not underestimate its potential solely based on this metric. The key determinant of your psychedelic experience with shrooms is the dosage. Even if a strain’s potency is average, when you consume a significant amount, it can still lead to a full psychedelic trip.

Do chocolate edibles contain potent psilocybin mushrooms?

Most mushroom chocolates contain Golden Teacher (GT). GT shroom is the classic strain of P. cubensis in the magic mushroom fungal kingdom, beloved by many shroom enthusiasts for its reputed effects. While laboratory tests often classify GT as having average potency, do not underestimate its potential solely based on this metric. The key determinant of your psychedelic experience with shrooms is the dosage. Even if a strain’s potency is average, when you consume a significant amount, it can still lead to a full psychedelic trip.

Are shroom chocolate bars similar to chocolate bars with functional mushrooms?

They remain consistent in their essence as chocolate bars infused with mushrooms. The distinction lies in their composition: shroom chocolates incorporate psychedelic mushrooms, known to induce hallucinatory experiences, while chocolate bars with functional mushrooms integrate varieties such as Lion’s Mane, revered for their potential medicinal properties like improving the immune system.

Are there shroom chocolates that are vegan or gluten-free?

Yes, there are various types of magic mushroom chocolate tailored to accommodate diverse dietary preferences. Among them are vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free options, alongside various additional flavours extending beyond the traditional milk and dark chocolate choices.

Can shroom chocolates last for a year?

If stored in an airtight container in a cold and dark environment, chocolate infused with mushrooms can maintain its quality for a duration ranging from six months to a year.

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