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The consumption of magic mushrooms has increased worldwide due to their positive impact on users and studies backing up the claim. Now, we see the rise of people who want to buy mushrooms online because of their availability, benefits, and convenience. 

If you happen to be among many individuals looking to benefit from the use of psilocybe cubensis, we want you to know that you’ll be able to enjoy these magical psychedelics in many forms and it’s not only medicinal benefits you’ll get to experience. Over the years, brands and enthusiasts have developed novel ways to incorporate the product into daily life. 

The availability of various product forms allows people to try psychedelics in comfortable ways. The inclusivity enables more and more individuals to explore shrooms as a way to relieve mental health symptoms or for recreational use.

This article will discuss the different product forms of magic mushrooms you can find at Zoomies Canada.

What are Magic Mushrooms?

Any fungus that includes psilocybin or its derivative, psilocin, is called a magic mushroom. These substances interact with serotonin receptors in the brain to produce a psychedelic experience, or “trip,” as it is usually known.

They all have somewhat comparable results. Depending on the dosage, they can cause anything from mild euphoria to intense hallucinations and spiritual experiences.

In the past, they were a component of religious ceremonies and rituals. Today, they have gained popularity in a recreational form, and more recently, researchers are looking at their therapeutic potential.

Buy Mushrooms Online: The Product Selection

Similar to the cannabis trend, buying mushrooms online in different forms is possible. You can find various psilocybin products to fit your needs, whether you’re trying to go on a psychedelic trip or are just looking for your preferred method of microdosing.

Dried Magic Mushrooms

The dried form is the most common product available online. Plenty of psychonauts enjoy buying them since they can last longer when stored properly, come in multiple strains and potency, and can be used or consumed in various ways.

Dried psilocybe available online ranges from mild potencies for beginners to high psilocybin content. Here are well-known dried cubensis you can easily find in the market.

B+ Cubensis

A very well-liked variety that is said to have been created by a cultivator twenty to thirty years ago is suspected by some to be a hybrid of P. cubensis and P. azurescens rather than a pure B+ cubensis. Users have varied experiences and drowsy feelings. Additionally, B+ users seem to experience nausea less frequently than users of other strains.

B+ Cubensis

Golden Teacher

Despite occasional brief trips, it is recognized as having an average to high potency. The visuals are less strong than with some strains, but users usually mention a euphoric and calming sensation and occasionally a feeling of mental clarity.

Mush Golden Teacher

Blue Meanies

This strain can be the Psilocybe cubensis or Panaeolus Cyanescens, so read the description or ask the shop you are buying from. The two look similar but not quite alike and have different-coloured spore prints. The fact that Panaeolus Cyanescens is far more potent makes it more crucial. 

The Blue Meanie strain of P. cubensis has bluish stems. It produces a compelling, vivid, and long-lasting visual experience.

Penis Envy

This variety is a bit expensive, but people are willing to pay more for it because of its potency. The trip is noteworthy for its noticeable quick onset, wavy rather than geometric visuals, and minor bodily effects and intensity. The experience is “clean,” focusing more on the mind.

Penis Envy


It was found in the wild close to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, hence, the name. Users talk about strong potency, energetic experiences with little to no visuals, and a contemplative or imaginative state of mind.

These are among the popular strains you can find at Zoomies. The dried shrooms can be consumed in multiple ways, such as by ingesting directly, making tea, adding on meals, or microdosing.

Mush Cambodian


They are referred to as treats and typically come in gummies and chocolates. Mushroom connoisseurs are experts in making high-quality products with a precise amount of psilocybin. These delicious premium treats can be easily dosed by anyone who wants to take a bit of it.

The benefit of indulging in this product is the flavour, practicality, and comfort. There is nothing better than tearing open a chocolate bar or gummy pack and chewing.

Here are some examples of mouth-watering edibles you want to experience.

Bright Future (Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt)

This one is for all health-conscious individuals. It’s a vegan, gluten-free, and guilt-free premium sea salt dark chocolate bar. It contains 3000 mg of psilocybin, ideal for sharing a trip or microdosing. 

Bright Future Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

Mastermind (Sour Blue Raspberry Gummy Frogs)

It has a total content of 1000mg psilocybin with a sour Blue Raspberry flavour that is gentle on your stomach and taste buds. It is ideal for day trips or first-timers. 

Deadhead Chemist - LSD Infused - Sour Blue Raspberry

Shroom Drinks

It is a product that is also considered edible but deserves its category. Drinks are an easy and fast way to experience the effects and get high. Even when using the dried version, psychonauts like to make tea out of it.

Some drink versions infused with psilocybin you might want to experience:

Microdosing Products

Taking 1/10th to 1/20th of a full dose of mushrooms is known as microdosing. The psychedelics are intended to be “sub-perceptual,” or hardly perceptible, in contrast to a full dose, hence there are no psychedelic effects. 

When a person microdoses, they tend to experience some benefits like alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety, enhanced creativity, and improved focus.

The most common products for microdosing are capsules like Bright Future Microdose capsules and tinctures such as Bright Future Neon Vision. Others use edibles or dried shrooms to microdose.


There are plenty of products you can find that will meet your needs. Unlike in the past, when psychonauts could only have the dried version, today, it is possible to buy mushrooms online in various forms like edibles, capsules, and drinks. You can enjoy psychedelic trips or the benefits with convenience and multiple flavours.

Zoomies Canada is your go-to online dispensary if you are looking for premium magic mushroom products. We offer high-quality strains, edibles, capsules, and more at the best prices.

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