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Original specimens of this strain were collected some time ago from the Southern Florida Gulf Coast. A very prolific fruiter, the Treasure Coast strain is noted for it ability to occasionally spin off albino, or near albino sub strains. Wild samples have been domesticated for some time. The most pronounced feature of this strain is the occasional albino spin-off reportedly produced in some batches. Research associates have found the Treasure Coast to be a very fast colonizer; often completely colonizing 1/2 pint jars in under 12 days. This strain is a very prolific fruiter, as evident by the many mature fruits appearing from the casing trays. . This strain often displays caps that are very lightly caramel colored, sometimes appearing white, if not true albino. Average fruit body heights reach between two and five inches with caps averaging diameters of 1/2 to one inches. Fruit size can very wildly with some batches producing 10-inch mushrooms.

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The Treasure Coast mushroom, a particularly prolific fruiter, is renowned for its capacity sometimes to produce substrains that are albino or nearly albino. For some time, wild samples have been domesticated. This strain’s most noticeable characteristic is the sporadic albino spin-offs allegedly created in some batches. Besides its impressive appearance and albino variations, Treasure Coast’s strength will blow away even the most seasoned psychonauts.


Treasure Coast Cubensis contains high quantities of psilocybin and is recommended for those willing to experience the various effects encountered during the Treasure Coast excursion. Besides its highly potent trips that are great for recreational and spiritual use, consumers can also experience therapeutic benefits to relieve medical issues such as,


The Psilocybe Cubensis Treasure Coast typically causes laughing and a positive attitude. A body high can happen in as little as 15 minutes, which is far faster than other types. The sounds become more intense, the colours become brighter, and a pleasant feeling develops.

Many people report feeling euphoric after taking Treasure Coast. The tremendous visual effects even make the journey intense. Furthermore, despite being in waves, the intensity of this remains constant.

There are no known anxiousness or gastrointestinal discomforts with this strain.


Treasure Coast was discovered on Southern Florida’s Gulf Coast. The term “Treasure Coast” alludes to Florida’s Atlantic Coast, whereas the mushrooms are from the Gulf Coast (eastern). Mr. G, an infamous mycologist in the underground shroom community, popularized this strain of magic mushrooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much Treasure Coast Mushrooms should you consume?

The amount ingested and the individual’s prior experience are always factors when using psilocybin. With more experience, you’ll know how many shrooms work best for you and can adjust the dosage accordingly.

For beginners, remember that the number of shrooms you should consume is determined by your weight, previous experience with shrooms, and the type of trip you want to have. Treasure Coast can cause strong visual effects and hallucinations, which means you have to be careful with your dosage.

Start with a minimal dose when taking these mushrooms for the first time. Weigh them accurately on a digital scale to take the exact amount.

What are magic mushrooms?

There are around 75 subtropical magic mushroom species that exist. They look like other mushrooms, but they contain hallucinogens. These hallucinogenic compounds (psilocybin and psilocin) produce an altered state of consciousness similar to LSD.

Can psilocybin treat depression?

Psilocybin is one of several psychedelics being studied as possible therapies for mental illnesses. According to the newest findings from two combined studies, people who responded to psilocybin-assisted therapy had more robust brain connectivity not just during their treatment but also for up to three weeks afterwards. This “opening up” effect was linked to self-reported reductions in depression symptoms.

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