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Lucid Gates is a powerful hybrid of the Penis Envy & Pearly Gates strains. It’s known to be difficult to cultivate, but yields incredible fruits with thick stems and chunky caps. The high is euphoric & spirtiual, and we definitely recommend this for more experienced psychonauts looking for a heavy trip!

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Begin your trip with Lucid Gates, an exceptional hybrid strain created by combining the strong Penis Envy mushroom with the peculiar Pearly Gates variant. This rare breed of mushrooms may be elusive due to its slow growth, yet the profound experiences it offers make the search truly worthwhile.

Noteworthy for its gentle effect on the stomach, this strain ensures that your psychedelic journey is one filled with enjoyment from the initial moments to the very end.

Lucid Gates Mushrooms Effects

This strain exhibits a moderate to high potency that can foster a swift onset of effects experienced within the initial 30 minutes. The mushroom induces profound sensations of euphoria and a delightful sense of weightlessness, often accompanied by episodes of spontaneous laughter. A noteworthy aspect involves a profound connection, described by users as a harmonious unity with nature and those around them.

Colours and patterns seamlessly merge and appear to gently “breathe,” which accentuates the visual aspect of this experience. The aftermath of the trip extends into subsequent days that leaves users with a subtle afterglow. This lingering effect contributes to an uplifted mood that may endure for several months.

It’s worth noting that this strain boasts a potency slightly surpassing that of the Golden Teacher and other conventional cubensis strains.

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