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The Cuban Cubensis is often referred to as the “truest” cubensis in existence because this was the first discovered cubensis in the early 1900s by F.S. Earle (an American mycologist who often worked in Cuba).

The Cuban Magic Mushrooms are known to have skinny stems and small orange-brown caps. They may appear to be small but are deceptively potent. Because of its deep rooted history this strain is considered an royalty in the world of psychedelics.

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Daddy Long Legs originated from and are grown in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley. Their name comes from the long, thin stems that look like the legs of a daddy longlegs spider. The powerful effects include a deep buzzing in the body, a stronger desire to be around other people, feelings of love, and intense visual stimulation.

Due to their substantial mind-altering effects, Daddy Long Legs are becoming more and more popular. They can have a variety of effects but are known as a strain that is used socially.

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