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Blue Pulaski

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BLUE PULASKI is a hybrid between Melmac and Blue Meanie, which inherits the best traits from each of its genealogical parents. Spores Lab’s Master Grower has personally developed this variety, choosing our best isolates of Melmac and Blue Meanie, and refining the resulting hybrid for nearly an entire year! The BLUE PULASKI variety consistently produces large, dense and beautifully bruised mushrooms, which are also above average potency. The name was chosen as the winner of our recent contest, and we hope will provide you with the same feeling of bliss that Blue Pulaski felt when he passed.

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Blue Pulaski Mushroom

The Blue Pulaski mushroom is a remarkable hybrid, which blends the distinguished lineages of Blue Meanies and Melmacs. Each parent strain brings its own tale to the table: the Blue Meanie, renowned for its distinct blue bruising indicative of potent psilocybin content, and the Melmac, a variant derived from the notorious Penis Envy strain. 

These strains have Blue Pulaski as their offspring, which has high levels of psilocybin and psilocin. The strengths and characteristics of both parent strains make the Blue Pulaski a psychedelic variety.

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