Integral Alchemist - ACACIA Changa Pre-rollIntegral Alchemist - ACACIA Changa Pre-roll

Integral Alchemist – ACACIA Changa Pre-roll

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Integral Alchemist’s MIMOSA changa pre-rolls contain mullien flower, lemon balm, spearmint, and lavender,
infused with approximately 90mg n-n-dimethyltryptamine and 30mg syrian rue harmalas (MAOI’s) that work
together to provide a favourable ayahuasca-like experience that is had via smoking. While similar in effects to
ACACIA changa, the shorter acting MIMOSA changa is more visually psychedelic and felt less in the body.
Changa journeys are longer in duration than pure DMT and more subjectively coherent due to the monoamine
oxidase inhibition that slows its metabolism to ease you into your journey without developing a tolerance
quickly. Unlike ayahuasca, you do not get nausea and the effects are almost instantaneous so you can regulate
the intensity by smoking it at your preferred pace. Changa pre-rolls are more convenient than regular changa
without a pipe and come in a practical dose for a single joint at a reasonable cost. Effects last up to hour.
3 parts DMT extracted from mimosa hostilis root bark
1 part harmalas extracted from syrian rue seeds (MAOI)
8 parts herbs

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Integral Alchemist

1 review for Integral Alchemist – ACACIA Changa Pre-roll

  1. neilpatel6400 (verified owner)

    An honest eye opening experience. A complete ego distruction cried laughed calmed down…..feels like a changed person. Just when no one has the answers go to Dimitri…..Namaste..

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