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Do psychedelics affect sexual functioning after use? Anecdotal and qualitative evidence suggests they do, but this has never been formally tested. While sexual functioning and satisfaction are considered crucial for human well-being, they are often impacted by mental health disorders and can be a typical bad effect of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), the primary treatment for depression. 

Tommaso Barba, Hannes Kettner, Caterina Radu, et al. (2024) conducted clinical trials to examine the post-use effects of using shrooms online on sexual functioning.

Magic Mushrooms in Canada

Understanding Psilocybin

Clinical research by Nichols, D. E. & Walter, H. explored how using psychedelics can be linked with the ‘hippy’ culture, embodying anti-war and sexually liberal values. The scientific inquiry into psychedelics was halted by the 1971 United Nations Controlled Substances Act but has seen a resurgence, with trials suggesting their promise in mental health therapy. 

First, comprehend the history of magic shrooms usage throughout time:

Time PeriodEvent
PrehistoricUse of psychoactive mushrooms by early human ancestors, evidenced by rock drawings dating back 6000 to 8000 years.
1500 BCEEvidence of psychoactive mushroom use in spiritual rituals by ancient civilizations.
283-343 A.DDescription of intoxicating mushrooms, including Psilocybe, in the ancient Chinese doctrine “Baopuzi” by Ge Hong.
900-1130 CEDepiction of mushrooms in Khajuraho Temples of India, possibly indicating their significance in religious practices.
16th CenturyIndigenous Mesoamerican cultures, including the Aztecs, Mazatec, and Zapotec, utilize Psilocybe mushrooms in religious rituals and daily life.
1919The first incorrect identification of psychoactive mushrooms as “Teonanácatl” by Reko.
Late 1950sPsilocybin isolated by Albert Hofmann.
1971United Nations identifies psilocybin as an addictive substance without medicinal value.
Early 2022The Canadian government allows physicians to prescribe psilocybin for emergency treatment.
2022Oregon legalizes psilocybin and makes it available to adults.

Can Psilocybin Usage Be Drawn to Sexual Functioning?

Psychedelics, paired with therapy, offer therapeutic experiences like emotional release and psychological insights. Psilocybin therapy for anxiety and depression has shown potential, outperforming SSRIs like escitalopram in some cases.

Major depressive disorder, a number one cause of disability, is marked by episodes of extremely low mood and decreased pleasure. Although not a core symptom, sexual dysfunction often accompanies depression, affecting libido and arousal. SSRIs, commonly used for depression, can exacerbate sexual dysfunction, impacting treatment adherence and recovery. Sexual satisfaction affects happiness, relationships, and physical health. 

Qualitative evidence suggests psychedelics may positively influence sexual feelings and behaviours, fostering empathy and openness. Psychedelics have been linked to increased mindfulness, empathy, body positivity, and openness to new experiences, which could influence sexual attitudes.

How Psychedelics May Affect Sexual Functioning

Psychedelics can affect sexual functioning. Sexual activity impacts us physically and emotionally. Dr. Michele Leno, a licensed psychologist, from Medical News, notes the emotional influence on sexual outcomes, stressing the importance of mental states before sex.

Sexual self-consciousness is common. While some magic mushrooms online calm nerves, others, like alcohol, can negatively affect sexual performance. People who microdose magic mushrooms are shown to have reduced inhibition effects and promote relaxation without compromising performance.

Dr. Hellerstein explains that consuming magic mushrooms can enhance social connections, reduce self-focused thoughts, and potentially promote brain plasticity and empathy. These effects could explain some findings.

However, there are high expectations around psychedelic treatment, and it’s challenging to conduct blind studies. Dr. Carla Manly, a clinical psychologist, suggests that consuming whole mushrooms may appeal to those seeking altered states, potentially enhancing sexual experiences.

While some prefer natural experiences, others feel less inhibited and more expansive on online magic mushrooms. Neurobiologically, psilocybin, one of the common psychedelic compounds, shows similarities to certain anesthetics in brain imaging studies.

What Does the Recent Research Say? 

Tommaso Barba, Hannes Kettner, Caterina Radu, et al. (2024) study explored how psychedelic use affects sexual functioning and satisfaction across two separate studies:

  1. One study involved recreational and well-being use of psychedelics (observational survey method).
  2. The other focused on depressed patients (controlled clinical trial).

Recreational Use Study Findings

  • Participants experienced better communication with their partners, increased pleasure during sex, and greater satisfaction with their partners and their appearance post-psychedelic use.
  • They also showed more openness to sexual exploration and viewed sex as more spiritual. 

These effects persisted at both 4 weeks and 6 months after the experience. There were no gender differences except for partner satisfaction at 6 months.

Controlled Clinical Trial with Depressed Patients

Similar improvements were observed in depressed patients treated with psilocybin therapy. 

  • They reported better communication with partners, increased sexual pleasure, and greater satisfaction with partners and themselves. In contrast, patients treated with escitalopram showed improvement only in satisfaction with appearance, with no other changes. 
  • Psilocybin-treated patients also reported increased sexual interest, activity, and arousal compared to those on escitalopram. 
  • Anxiety related to sexual activity decreased for psilocybin-treated patients but increased for those on escitalopram.

Note: These findings suggest that these psychoactive substances could positively impact sexual functioning and well-being. Differences between psilocybin and escitalopram treatments may be due to their distinct mechanisms of action in treating depression. SSRIs like escitalopram can cause sexual dysfunction by affecting serotonin levels, while psilocybin microdosing acts on serotonin receptors directly. More research is needed to understand the acute effects of these mushroom species on sexual functioning.

Psilocybin Mushrooms Online

It is said that using only premium magic mushrooms – more on the classic ones, like psychedelic mushrooms, shroom edibles or shroom tea, microdosing capsules, LSD, and DMT can improve sexual satisfaction. Here are some great magic mushroom products to consider:

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TypeMicrodosing CapsulesEdiblesMagic Mushroom
Active IngredientLysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD-25)Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD-25)Psilocybe cubensis (magic mushroom)
DosageTotal 600ug/6 Tabs (100ug/Tab)Total 200ug/2 Gummies (100ug/Gummy)1 to 1.5 grams 
InstructionsConsume one full tab to feel the full effect. Wait at least 2 hours before consuming another.Consume one full gummy to feel the full effect. Wait at least 2 hours before consuming another.Consume 1 to 1.5 grams of dried magic mushrooms in a comfortable environment. Stay hydrated throughout the experience.

Buy Shrooms Online For Better Sexual Functioning 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Psilocybin Last?

The psychedelic experience typically lasts 4 to 8 hours with psilocybin, depending on factors like dosage and mushroom variety. A study with 18 volunteers found the experience generally ended around the 7-hour mark, with measurable bodily effects appearing after two hours and peak drug effects after three hours.

However, further research is needed on factors like stress and metabolism. Many studies, including this one, adjust the dose based on the participant’s body weight, assuming even distribution of psilocybin throughout the body.

How Does Psilocin Affect the Brain?

Psilocin reaches the brain within about 30 minutes and primarily affects the serotoninergic system, resembling serotonin’s function. Serotonin, a neurotransmitter, plays complex roles in the brain, including learning, memory, and mood regulation.

Most serotonin receptors are in the cerebral cortex, and psilocin binds to specific receptors, including 5-HT2B, 5-HT2C, and 5-HT1A. These receptors are associated with serotonin. Psilocybin’s effects extend beyond serotonin receptors, impacting brain connectivity observed in functional MRI scans.

Functional MRI scans show reduced blood flow and connectivity between brain regions like the medial prefrontal cortex and the posterior cingulate cortex. This decreased activity in “hub” regions is thought to enable a state of unconstrained cognition. Additionally, psychedelics induce an entropic brain state characterized by increased disorder but greater overall connectivity.

How Is Psilocybin Metabolized in the Liver?

  1. After ingesting psilocybin, it’s absorbed into your bloodstream through your stomach and intestines. 
  2. Chewing magic mushrooms thoroughly helps with absorption. 
  3. Once in your bloodstream, it travels to your liver via the hepatic portal vein, where a significant part of the process occurs.
  4. Magic mushrooms and truffles contain a high amount of psilocin, the active ingredient. When consumed naturally, they already contain psilocin, which psilocybin converts to in our bodies. 

Another important liver process is the ‘first pass effect,’ where about 50% of psilocybin is lost during absorption before reaching the bloodstream. This phenomenon also occurs with alcohol and cannabis, with uncertain variations among individuals due to various factors like stress and activity levels. Only around 20% of psilocybin is estimated to convert into psilocin according to some research.

How Can Sexual Function Be Improved Without Drugs or Psychedelics?

Improving sexual function without drugs or psychedelics is possible. Here are some tips:

  1. Address any anxiety about sex through therapy or self-reflection.
  2. If medication is affecting your libido, discuss alternative options with your prescriber.
  3. Engage in role-play with your partner to ease into sexual activity.
  4. Explore your thoughts about sex through journaling or psychotherapy.
  5. Enhance sexual function and connection through natural supplements, self-improvement, and relationship therapy.

Author Information:

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