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When you buy psychedelics online Canada, your first question is how. Beginners can find it intimidating to shop, even online, since they have yet to decide what product to buy, how much they should buy, or where to get their shrooms.

This guide will help beginners easily purchase online without worrying much about anything.

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What are Magic Mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms or psychedelic mushrooms consist of psilocin and psilocybin, which are responsible for their psychedelic effects. Consuming these shrooms can cause you to have heightened senses, euphoria, higher energy, better attention, mood enhancement, reality distortion, and many other things.

These fungi have been used for centuries as part of rituals and traditional medicine. Today, we have access to them, and often we use them for enjoying a profound trip. Additionally, science has also tried to learn more about the value of psilocybin, and some research has shown that it is vital in relieving symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Now that you know what a magic mushroom is, here’s a guide you can use to purchase some for your psychedelic journey.

Guide to Buying Magic Mushrooms in Canada

Where to Purchase

This guide is designed for those who want to purchase online. There are other options to buy shrooms, but online dispensaries offer more advantages.

When you buy online, you can experience the following benefits.

  • Convenience: You can easily leave your home when purchasing as you can quickly pay online and get them delivered.
  • Wide selection: Online dispensaries offer a vast selection of products, from dried shrooms to edibles.
  • Great deals and lower prices: Since there are low overhead costs for online shops, the products are more affordable, and they offer plenty of deals and ways to save money, like free shipping or sign-up bonuses.

Of course, only some online dispensaries are safe. You have to be careful when choosing one. Reading customer reviews is one way to determine whether a website is reputable and its products are legitimate.

What Products to Buy

After choosing an online dispensary, you want to know what to buy online. Dried magic mushrooms are the most popular product online. They come in various strains, such as Penis Envy, Golden Teachers, Blue Meanies, etc. Besides this, there are other products you can find online.

  • Edibles: Shroom edibles are another option for those who do not want to eat psilocybe cubensis directly. These products are similar to marijuana edibles. They come in different forms and flavours, such as beverages, gummies, and chocolate bars.
  • Capsules: Another alternative to psychedelic trips is taking capsules. They are available in various doses, which makes them an excellent choice if you plan on microdosing.
  • Tinctures: They are great for microdosing or enjoying a psychedelic trip. You can easily measure your dose with the instructions provided by the product manufacturer.

When buying any psychedelic product as a beginner, always choose one less potent or start with lower doses. You want first to try the effects in a more suitable way rather than diving in and feeling overwhelmed by the experience. You can start with a low dose and gradually increase it as you become accustomed to the effects or learn what works best for you.

Reason for Using 

There can be plenty of reasons to use psilocybin, but often people use them for recreational use. Knowing why you want to try psychedelics will guide you on the products you can purchase. For example, if you want to experience a profound psychedelic experience using the dried version or edibles is a great choice. If you want to reap the benefits without having any psychedelic trips, microdosing with capsules, tinctures, or edibles can be your choice. 

Set a Budget

Online stores provide affordable possibilities, as was already discussed. You may purchase 3.5 grams for as little as $20. It is critical to remember that supply and demand dictate the price you pay for any commodity.

Additionally, higher-grade, lab-tested varieties will cost more. Even though buying online is affordable, that doesn’t mean that low price equals low quality..

After determining your desired product, look for a price under your budget. You can also look for products on sale when visiting an online dispensary or try signing up for their newsletter to get discounts. 

How Much to Buy

How much you buy depends on how you intend to use it. You can purchase enough for one month. By buying in bulk, you can save on shipping and handling fees. Each has a shelf-life that can last for months.

How to Store Properly 

There are several ways to store magic mushrooms, each with pros and cons. No matter how you store them, keeping them in the dark place is essential to preserve their potency.

Airtight containers: This is the best way to store magic mushrooms. Oxygen can cause mushrooms to degrade quickly, losing potency and drying out faster when exposed to air. Airtight containers like mason jars or bottles are more effective at keeping out oxygen than Ziploc bags. Keep them in the dark place at a moderate temperature, ideally between 60-70°F.

Refrigerator: We don’t recommend storing magic mushrooms in the fridge, as cold temperatures can damage them. It’s better to keep them at room temperature in the dark. 

Freezer: Like the fridge, the freezer is unsuitable for storing magic mushrooms. Cold temperatures can freeze any residual moisture and damage the mushrooms. A dark place at room temperature is the best option.


With this guide, you will find buying magic mushrooms online in Canada easier. You can easily select what product you want when you visit a reputable online dispensary like Zoomies Canada your trusted source of shrooms online Canada. We offer affordable options and great deals that will allow you to save money and even get the best product that will suit your level of experience and need.

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