Bright Future - Neon Vision - 3gBright Future - Neon Vision - 3g

Bright Future – Neon Vision – 3g

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30 1ml doses per bottle. Ever wonder what the world would look like through neon vision? Well wonder no longer! This synergistic blend of nootropics, organic mushrooms and adaptogens may actually blow your mind. Gingko, 5-HTP and L-theanine calm your nervous system and alleviate anxiety and depression. Meanwhile maca and ginseng provide all natural crash free energy to have you physically and mentally at top performance. Combine this brain boosting and cognitive enhancing mix with organic mushrooms and put your focus and creativity into overdrive with the convenience of a liquid tincture. Seems too good to be true right? Try Neon Vision for yourself and find out!

INGREDIENTS: 25mg 5-HTP · 20mg ginkgo · 45mg ginseng · 20mg maca · 20mg L-theanine · 100mg psilocybe cubensis

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Bright Future – Neon Vision will give you everything you need from a dose of shrooms, without hallucinogenic or psychedelic effects.  The psilocybin will help enhance focus and concentration and develop creative thinking for better productivity. Ingredients clude Ginkgo, L-theanine, and 5-HTP that will effectively lower your stress level by alleviating the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Combining all these ingredients provides an overall brain-boosting and improvement in cognitive function.

One bottle contains 30 ml with 100 mg of psilocybin. You can take one full dropper, equivalent to 1 ml, or take more, depending on your preference.

You can add them to your drinks or meal. It is best taken in the morning due to its energy-boosting effect so that it won’t cause any interruption in your sleep cycle.


This tincture is an absolute treat for those looking to enhance their cognitive function with all-natural ingredients. Each ml or more will give an uplifting effect that will help you feel better and much happier. All of this can be experienced without the hallucinogenic effects of magic mushrooms.


Bright Future – Neon Vision is a microdosing product similar to psilocybin mushroom capsules but in tincture form. It contains 100 mg of psilocybin in each bottle (30 ml). Aside from the Psilocybe cubensis’ active ingredient, it has other nootropic and adaptogenic components like 25 mg 5-HTP, 20 mg ginkgo, 45 mg ginseng, 20 mg maca, and 20 mg L-theanine.

The blend of these nootropic substances will enhance the effects of psilocybin as they help the body alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. Therefore, leading to a less stressful experience. It gives an overall calming sensation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be tripping when I microdose?

No, microdose shroom capsules or tinctures contain one-twentieth or one-tenth of a full psychedelic dose. The benefits are sub-perceptual, so you should feel more energized and concentrated while still being completely aware and capable of carrying out your everyday activities. It enables you to be more concentrated and creative, but it shouldn’t have a strong influence on your capacity to complete your daily obligations.

What are the different forms or products for microdosing?

There are several ways to microdose, but the most well-liked techniques are taking microdose mushroom capsules, powder mixtures, and tinctures. Eating (whole) mushrooms also works, although it is challenging to calculate the exact dosage.

Is it safe to microdose?

Most people have been shown to benefit significantly from microdosing. Support for the therapeutic use of psilocybin is expanding as more studies are published and finished. There is no chance of experiencing a “bad trip” or strong psychedelic effects when microdosing; that much is certain. The most secure and comfortable approach to trying psychedelics is by taking microdose mushroom capsules and tinctures, check out Bright future daily dose.

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