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Amazonian Cubensis

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Amazonian Cubensis are one of the most popular and widely available strains on the market. They originated in the Amazon jungle of South America, and have been grown domestically for decades. The large stems and caps, as well as the ease of growing makes this strain a popular choice for today’s grower.

These mushrooms offer a clean, authentic psychedelic experience.

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Experience a mystical high that clears the fog in your mind as this strain works to ease your exhaustion from work! For inexperienced psychonauts, Amazon Cubensis is typically a friendly strain. Try it now and enjoy a psychedelic trip with all the special effects and benefits for you to enjoy.

About the Product

Beginners are advised to take small doses to prevent being overwhelmed by the effects of Amazonian magic mushrooms. You can start from 0.5 to 1.5 g for mild visual, light hallucinations, and euphoria. You can increase your dose on the next trip when you want more.


Amazonian Magic Mushrooms induce psychedelic and hallucinatory visions in higher doses. The psychedelic experiences are due to the effect of the active substance Psilocybin. The active compound is widely known for change in perception, heightened senses, distortion of time, etc. However, there is more to the recreational use of psilocybin.

In current studies, psilocybin is an effective substance for treating mental health disorders. Furthermore, taking psilocybe cubensis mushrooms can also aid in treating substance addiction, cluster headaches, and stress. Studies also support that users of cubensis mushrooms are more open to new ideas and want to make reasonable changes.

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  1. 2117mngmt (verified owner)

    These mushrooms were very good! I was having very mild small visuals that felt like I couldnt focus but I loved it.

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